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Where Oh Where

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where oh where have I been…I haven’t been far, but blogging hasn’t exactly been a priority; in fact I think I had pretty much called it quits. Yesterday my hubs insisted we get out of the house, so of all places we went to the mall! If you new how much he dislikes shopping you would understand why I said, “of all places.” On the way in he mentioned cellphones, and now here I sit with a Droid. Truly a surprise to myself because I thought I’d stick to Blackberry. Anywho once I got to sit down with my new phone I checked out the apparently market, and ironically the first suggested app was for WordPress. I ignored it at first, but now here I am right from the comforts of my bed blogging away. There is something appealing about being able to ditch the computer, curling up with a blanket, and pillow, and writing out a blog post. So long time no see…and goodnight *am*


Dog Food Storage

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I love traditional dog food storage just as much as the next person…

But sometimes I have to step away from the familiar…

And then give it a personal touch…(please excuse the fact the 2nd word is bigger then the first, apparently my hand isn’t as steady as I had imagined.)


Questions – Thursday 13

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Last Monday I embarked on my college adventure…at home and I’ve had to answer a bunch of questions but here are 13 pertaining to my Philosophy class.

  1. How does Christianity portray God?
  2. Is Jesus essential to Christianity?
  3. Does Christianity rely on works to achieve salvation?
  4. What does Islam think about the idea that God has children?
  5. What is historical religion?
  6. What did the Old Testament prophets view to be the ultimate apologetic?
  7. What is “Christ Above Culture”
  8. What is “Christ Against Culture”
  9. What is “Christ Confronting Culture”
  10. What is “Christ of Culture”
  11. What is the relationship between repentance and salvation?  Can salvation be earned?
  12. Was Jesus physically resurrected?
  13. What is Grace?

I’m really loving this class, it’s helping me have a deeper understanding of my faith, and making my brain work!

Do you know the answer to these questions?  Although I am Christian I have to be honest I didn’t know the answer to all of them, but it was exciting to find the answers.  Any questions comments or otherwise please feel free.


Thursday 13.

Busy Shmissy

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I’m still here and I haven’t forgotten about Project 365 I’ve just been in my own little world.  I start college on Monday…totally excited.  I found out I need to order another book…totally last minute, silly story.  I’m a little all over the place right now.  I deal with “depression” or as my doctor calls it adjustment disorder with anxiety and I am medicated for it, but lately I’m just blah…and when I’m blah stuff I plan to do tends to go by the wayside or get shuffled around and blogging is one of those things.  So hopefully soon I’ll be back on track and will post something good.


My New Valentines Wreath 8/365

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I’d love the opportunity to tell you I made this myself, but I didn’t.  Truth be told even if I could pull this off creatively(which honestly if you turn it over and see how it is constructed would be easy)  I don’t think I could make this for what I paid for it…$10!  I got this at Christmas Tree Shops, love love love that store.  They have all kinds of home stuff at unheard of prices, but unfortunately you can’t order online and their stores are far and few between.  But if you ever see one, take the time to stop…you won’t be disappointed.


Hampers 6/365

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Once upon a time I had these cute whimsy hampers, I just thought they were great.  And then we got a puppy…

Since then I’ve been living with puppy rampaged hampers…quite unsightly.  So today I went to Walmart and I moved on…nothing fancy, but totally sturdy…

I did some other shopping today as well, but I’ll wait to show you my super cute find till another day.  Glad you stopped by for the excitement, tee hee.


I Wanna Go For a Ride 5/365

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I don’t personally want to go for a ride, my daughter does and I thought it sounded like a catchy title.  I already went for a ride today even though all I really wanted to do was lay in beg.  I haven’t really managed to bring in my New Year gung-ho and full speed ahead, I’ve been rather sluggish.

But today I managed to hit the treadmill.  What motivates me to get my lazy lima bean self on the treadmill and stay there long enough to reap a reward?  A tv of course.  The gym I go to is brand new with brand new equipment and that includes personal tv’s on the treadmills, elipitcals, stair-steppers, and bikes.  These people listened to my inner voice when they thought this up!

I also went to the grocery store and I have to say the cost of eating is way overrated.  But as bonus I also stopped by the Dollar General store and got a big huge container I could store the Christmas tree in and they still had Christmas stuff leftover for 70% off!!!  I got several Christmas bags for next year at 30 cents; score!