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I Wanna Go For a Ride 5/365

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I don’t personally want to go for a ride, my daughter does and I thought it sounded like a catchy title.  I already went for a ride today even though all I really wanted to do was lay in beg.  I haven’t really managed to bring in my New Year gung-ho and full speed ahead, I’ve been rather sluggish.

But today I managed to hit the treadmill.  What motivates me to get my lazy lima bean self on the treadmill and stay there long enough to reap a reward?  A tv of course.  The gym I go to is brand new with brand new equipment and that includes personal tv’s on the treadmills, elipitcals, stair-steppers, and bikes.  These people listened to my inner voice when they thought this up!

I also went to the grocery store and I have to say the cost of eating is way overrated.  But as bonus I also stopped by the Dollar General store and got a big huge container I could store the Christmas tree in and they still had Christmas stuff leftover for 70% off!!!  I got several Christmas bags for next year at 30 cents; score!

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  1. Wednesday, January 6, 2010 1:03 pm

    Nice…gotta love the after Christmas sales and organization!

    I want to go for a ride….to an ice cream parlor! Just sayin 😉

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