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AUTISM is a topic that I haven’t touched on yet, but is very near and dear to me.  My 7 year old daughter is autistic.  When you become pregnant with a child I think you automatically expect to have a “normal” child and unless your child has physical deformities you may think that is just what you got.  It was not till my daughter was getting older that it became apparent that some things were not going the way they were supposed too.

The first sign was when she just wasn’t reaching milestones at the average rate.  At first we just thought she was just a little slower…after all the numbers they put out there are just averages.  When she talked it was later then normal and she wasn’t saying as much as she should have been and then the tell tale sign was the speech that she did have just went away.  First we spoke to her pediatrician who labeled her as having global delays and suggested that we get her into early intervention.  So we put her into early intervention and had her seen by 2 specialist.  The first specialist was through the education system.  They came to her preschool and observed as well as spent time with her and concluded that…we were facing Autism and developmental delays.  We also seen a genetics specialist who ran every blood test under the sun to rule out the possibility of it being something else, but everything came back within normal ranges.

Anywho, there is certainly a lot more to the little bugs story.  But this is my basic rundown of how it all came about.  If you want to learn more about autism and or the characteristics of autism  I recommend a site such as Autism Society of America.  If you want to help support autism you can most certainly donate to one of the reputatable sites about autism, but I personally think that your donation could be better used in your community to help support programs that aid children with autism.

If you have a child that you think is showing signs of delay whether you believe it be autism or something else don’t let your fears get in the way of seeking a diagnosis and treatment.  The sooner that you find out what you are dealing with the sooner you can get help for your child.  It is a very scary prospect to think that your child may be “different” but if you face it head on I think you will find your child well have a much better experience when it comes to getting services and treatment.

Before I go I will say that while the prospect of autism may be scary, children with autism are so unique and so special.  My daughter has such a zest for life, she is happier then anyone I have ever met, she has a smile that goes on forever, eyes that can stare right into your soul and a contageous charm.  While I would never just wish a disability on a child I wouldn’t have her any other way, in my eyes she is certainly perfect just the way she is.

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  1. Friday, September 5, 2008 1:47 am

    Hi Amber. I got here through Christie’s blog. Nice to meet you!

    My oldest, who is 14, also has autism. Its nice to meet someone else going through the same challenges.

    Hope to see you around more.


  2. Saturday, December 20, 2008 10:03 am

    Hi! Our 8-yr-old granddaughter also was dx’d with autism about 2 years ago. Take heart! These are great kids. They have a unique way of looking at the world that never ceases to amaze me! Early intervention is a great idea – at least it gets you hooked into whatever education/medical/emotional services that are available.
    Take care,
    Joan a/k/a FSK

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