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Blog Neglect

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It’s true, I’ll be the first to admit, so if someone asks you heard i here first…I’ve been neglecting my blog.  Not without good reason I tell ya!  If you’ve read any of the few and far between post I’ve made over the last few weeks you may have caught wind that I’ve been sick.  Well, I’m still sick some several weeks later.

Oct 4th I was in the car and just at total random it came on and lasted for about 2 weeks and then I started to get what I thought was relief with the exception of a stray cough.  Then last week my daughter fell sick…poor kid and poor me for all the throw up I had to clean up!  And then it happened again, I started to feel sick and as bad as I thought I felt the first round, I feel just as bad if not worse this time.

Over the course of it all I procrastinated on going to the doctor, but this past Saturday morning when I woke up to that golf ball sitting in the back of my throat I made the executive decision that enough is enough, that my blog as paid the price long enough that this is ridiculous and I must go to the doctor.  The doctor looked me over and decided it was a sinus infection.  One antiobiotic and 3 1/2 days later my sinuses don’t feel so bad, but I still don’t feel so good.  The coughing is overwhelming, I cough til I feel sick in my stomach, and my chest feels as though I went for a jog and didn’t stop for a break when he asthma that I don’t have kicked in.  It’s a mean brutal cold and I sit here impatiently waiting for the doctor to call me back to tell me whether or not I should come back in for another once over or if I should sit at home and be patient in waiting for the day I feel like the human I assume I am.

In other news my car got new tires!  We new it would be needing them and maybe should have already gotten them, but kept putting them off none the less.  My husband took my car all last week on a trip that took him to Virginia, New Jersey and then unexpectedly to New York and on Saturday finally strolled back into town.  Sunday we decided to go out to eat and we walked out to get in the car and I could visually see the back tire on the drivers side was going low, but still had enough air that we could make it out to the gas station and we did.  My husband filled it full of air the low pressure light went of and we headed back up the road.  We didn’t make it another 5 miles up the road and the light came back on, but we took he liberty of assuming it was just leaking air, not completely flat and kept going to the next gas station where we found it to be FLAT, flatter then when we had left our house!  My husband said he had no choice but to change it.  Imagine our shock when he pulled it off and it was so bad the cords were showing and imagine my embarrassment to find out the rim on the spare tire was banana yellow.  I guess nothing says caution, change me don’t keep driving around lookin’ at fool with your yellow spare.

Monday I took the plunge and invested in 4 brand new tires and an alignment.  My wallet feels a lot lighter, but my car drives a lot better.  I’ve officially decided that with the hefty cost of vehicles they should at minimum provide you with new tires for the life of the loan.  Doesn’t that sound great, maybe I can suggest it to the law makers and they can make it official.

Also yesterday the roofing contractor who is supposed to be making repairs for us finally called and said I’ll be out tomorrow, the rain has been putting us behind.  Wouldn’t you know I woke up to rain this morning and has only briefly stopped throughout the day.  His crew did still show up, but only to drop off the shingles, no word on when they will be back, but lets hope that is a good sign.

And now I’m totally going to go crawl in my bed before I hurl, I hate the feeling of queasy almost as much as I hate the actual deed.

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