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It’s Quiet-A List

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

  • My blog has been quiet, I’ve been busy and or sick.
  • When I say sick I mean this morning I felt like an elephant sat on my head and that someone tried to pull all my teeth in the middle of the night.
  • Saturday my cousin got married.  She looked very pretty, the food was good, but overall it was BORING.
  • We made a 3rd trip to Pep Boys to deal with tires, I do not recommend them to anyone!
  • Do you know the H1N1 vaccine can be administered in your nose?
  • Our dog gets tangled up way too often and it’s annoying.
  • I made dinner tonight and unknown to me the chicken was spoiled, despite the label having 2 more days on it.  We ordered take out.
  • My oldest step daughter has been spending the week with us, it’s been nice to have her around.
  • I’m surprised I’m writing this, being sick has knocked blogging off of my radar.
  • I feel like disinfecting everything.  Today I washed sheets and blankets so I wouldn’t feel like I was sleeping with germs.
  • My friend Christi is doing the Carb Addicts Diet, I have to admit she has peaked my interest.
  • School pictures are far too expensive for what you get.
  • It’s getting cold in a hurry here.
  • I’m tired, being sick has kicked my booty.
  • Husband is actually home this week…I like it!
  • Starting college has just about come to a halt.
  • Apple is looking into giving AT&T exclusive rights to the iphone…not cool!
  • I’ve got nothing else, I want to go to bed…me, out.

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