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Do Not Disturb Tuesday, “Spring” Cleaning

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

About a month ago LaDonna and I came up with Do Not Disturb Tuesday.  Basically the idea is we stay away from the internet/computer except for where work or school would be concerned and focus on things we may be neglecting in the “real” world as a result on Tuesday’s.

I have to be totally honest, as much as I know I need to spend less time on the computer I’m ‘addicted’ and Tuesday’s have been hard for me.  I’ve certainly had my fair share of failures where they are concerned.  But today I plan to pick myself up and try, try again with some “Spring” Cleaning.

My list is close to 3 miles long and I’m not sure how much of it I will accomplish, but I certainly intend to put some effort into it.

Some of that list includes:

Cleaning neglected nooks and crannies.

Cleaning the fridge inside and out.

Fresh linens on all the beds (I do this weekly, but I’m writing it down anywho.)

I need to pay some bills so I can clean out my bank account.

I bought some shelving units for the inside of my closet and I’d like to get those put together and get the closet cleaned out and re-organized.

The list goes on, but you’re probably bored by now, so there ya have it!

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