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Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 1

Day 1

I’ve posted this recipe in the past, so for the full length post please click here.  Or for the quick run down keep reading.


  • Cake Mix of your choice prepared to box specifications. (I like the boxes that make 12)
  • Icing of your choice, plain or different colors if you like.
  • Regular Ice Cream Cones.  Box of 24 is a nice place to start.
  • Baking Sheet or Muffin Pan
  • Sprinkles or Candies if you want to go all out.


  • I got what is referred to as a muffin pan from IKEA and I swear it was meant for ice cream cones.  Put the ice cream cones in your muffin pan or lined up on a cookie sheet.
  • Fill ice cream cones with cake batter.  To what is commonly referred to as 3/4 full.
  • You pop them in the oven at 350 degress (don’t forget to preheat) for about 15 minutes.  This could be give or take a couple of minutes.  Just make sure they are fully cooked when you pull them out.
  • Let cool and then icing and decorate.  My kids loved doing this part to see what kinda crazyness they could come up with or how much icing they could pile on top.
On a side note I have made these with both yellow cake mix and devils food.  The yellow cake worked out very well.  The first batch of chocolate I did we tried filling 3/4’s full and everyone of them over flowed and it looked like volcanoes with lava coming out!  So the 2nd time around we didn’t fill them quite as full and they worked out fine.  I’m not sure why this was, but thought you should keep that in mind.
Today is also Do Not Disturb Tuesday.  I’ll see ya tomorrow!
**Be sure to leave a comment if you have some recipes to share as well!
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