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A Thank You and Grab My Button

Monday, August 31, 2009

Whether you’re new to blogging or a seasoned veteran you have probably seen the option to “grab my button”.  Often times you will see it like the picture to the left with a little scroll box underneath the blog button so readers can easily copy the code and paste into their sidebars.  Sometimes blogs have a button, but not the convenient box underneath to grab the html code.  I was one of those “sometimes” blogs, but I desperately wanted the scroll box to make it easier for anyone who wanted to spread my existence to get my button code.

I had tried several times to add the scroll box to no avail and finally gave up and called a spade a spade.  A couple months ago I signed into my blog to find an incoming link from Blogging With Success about Tracking Your Tutorial Usage.  I must admit I was a little bit shocked to find myself mentioned in a blog post, but it all ended up making sense and I left a comment and their was a comment to my comment with a link to Grab My Button, Promote My Blog.  Finally the code to add the scroll box, I was so excited…but it didn’t work.  WHAT!  Oh No!

So the other day I celebrated my one year blogiversary with THIS post.  If you read through it you will notice I listed some blog accomplishments I had made or if you just skip ahead to #6 you will see I mentioned not being able to add the grab my button code despite the directions mentioned above.  I think after reading that post Blogging With Success embarked on a personal mission to figure out how it was done and give me my scroll box.  You see it wasn’t that the code that was posted in the Grab My Button, Promote My Blog post doesn’t work, it’s that it doesn’t work with wordpress (dot) com.  I personally really like wordpress and I’m not quite ready to go self hosted so scroll box or not I was staying here.

Okay I’m getting long winded here, sorry.  Over the next few days BWS and myself exchanged a lot of emails trying to figure this out.  Please keep in mind that while I can blog and do the simple things when it comes to any kind of codes I’m a knucklead, so this truly had to be a test of patience on their part.  The other day at about 2 a.m. I decided to take another stab at things and finally with the help of google and several links to other links I found “the code”  the one that would finally work!  Finally the scroll box was on my sidebar under my button, but unfortunately it was kind of oblong and not quite as neat and tidy as other scroll boxes I’ve seen.  I think BWS was just as delighted as I was that we made it this far, but not delighted with the look of it.  So again patience in mind set out on another mission to tidy up my scroll box.  So finally this afternoon BWS provided me with the complete and final and perfecty perfect code and if you drift your eyes over to my sidebar and take a look see at GRAB MY BUTTON, you too will have to agree it’s just right!

Finally to my big fat huge-mungous THANK YOU, Blogging With Success I could not have done this without you, I would still be in the lonely world of scroll box-less blogs.  If you are having the same issue I was having or if you want a scroll box and don’t want to have the same issues I had, check out THESE INSTRUCTIONS and if you get stuck, just leave a comment or email BWS, I’m sure that if you talk really nice, they will break it down into knucklehead terms you can understand.  Or you can always ask me how I did it, but I probably won’t be quite as accurate or be able to give you any technical jargon about how or why something works.

Thanks for baring with me through this long-winded debocal.

P.S-Grab my button and put it in your sidebar already!

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  1. Monday, August 31, 2009 8:24 pm

    Well said. It was a whirlwind and a true hair pulling experience. I say your cry for help on Twitter and then the ‘disappointing’ unaccomplished goal! It was supposed to be easy to just send the code on Twitter but I got caught up in the message length thing, then on email, code was translated and disappeared. At some point it hit me that you were on, off my radar! Well, all’s well that ends well. I learned quite a bit (closed my Twitter account… just kidding). Thanks for all the luv.

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