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I Have To Admit…

Wednesday, August 26, 2009
  • Do Not Disturb Tuesday did not go quite as well as I had hoped.  I’d say the last 30% of the day went right down the crapper.  The little bug and I did build some more domino towers to crash.  I filled out all the paperwork I had to fill out for school, put all the supplies needed in her backpack and wrote a check for lunch money.  I really didn’t do much around the house except or wash a load of laundry.  I had talked to a good friend of mine about a situation that has been going on and after I unloaded on her my focus on the concept of Do Not Disturb was lost.  But try, try again right?
  • I love answering the phone and hearing “hello beautiful”.  I think that made my day.
  • The smell of a poopy diaper is calling my name.
  • I went to buy groceries earlier today largely in part so I could get Chinese food while I was there.
  • I spend too much time on Facebook.
  • As happy as I was that school started today, I spent part of the day lonely and depressed.
  • My hubs comes home on Friday, I couldn’t be happier.
  • He has to work Saturday and leaves again on Monday.  😦
  • I asked my husband if he wanted a picture of my chest and after he said yes I said ‘yea right’.  Cruel huh!
  • Although I often think about being on a diet I find it really annoying when people rave about their newest diet.  Not just that they rave about their newest diet it an how great it was, but that the 17 before that were supposed to be just as good and grand as this one.
  • I could go for some onion petals from Logan’s.
  • I’m really ready for the new episodes of every show I like to come back on.  Face it, reruns, are, well, OLD.
  • It’s time to end this I have things to do.

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