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The Unconcious It Can Wait

Monday, August 24, 2009

Apparently I’m on a kick with the word “wait”, yesterday it was “Wait A Minute” and today “It Can Wait”.  Do you ever find yourself unconciously deciding “it can wait”?  It applies to all the things that you could/should be doing that you put off til later.  Later often turns into tomorrow and sometimes tomorrow turns into next week or a few months from now.

A prime example being me painting my daughters room.  I had completely painted the entire thing once upon a time specifically for the little bug.  But then I got this brilliant idea that my husband and I would swap her rooms.  After I moved ourselves in there I made the executive decision that we couldn’t sleep in a room with little girl colors, so I started priming over them only to quit midway through.  I had decided it would be easier to just go buy white paint instead of wasting my time with primer and then more painting after that.  Let just say more then a year later, it still isn’t finished.  I’ve allowed myself the luxury of saying “it can wait” far too long.

Saying it can way is one thing if you truly have some legitamite reason for doing so, but how often do you do it just because you can.  I don’t always look at things and think it can wait, but I look at things that I could be doing and just keep on walking and that is why I’m calling the unconcious it can wait.

Have you ever walked past a shoe in the middle of the floor and kept on walking or seen that sink full of dishes and thought I can do it tomorrow, seen the change oil sticker in the corner of your wind shield telling you it’s time to head to the garage, but end up going 3000 miles late?  Deciding things can wait applies to anything and usually when we decide that the task at hand becomes bigger and more overwhelming then it would have been had we done it when we should have.

Starting today and everyday for the rest of the week…okay lets not carried away lets just go with Monday thru Friday I’m going to try to avoid unconciously or conciously deciding something can wait and plan to tackle at least one task each day that could turn out or has already turned out like that unpainted room.

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