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Wait A Minute Syndrome

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Last week I wrote a post called Do Not Disturb Tuesday-What? basically about spending too much time on the internet/computer and an idea to put it aside at least one full day a week.  Tuesday I tried to avoid the computer and ended up getting some stuff done I may have not gotten done otherwise.

Anyway it’s Sunday and I found myself sitting here enjoying some a lot of computer time and my daughter would ask me to play dominoes and I kept saying “wait a minute”.  And I started to think wow, you’re telling your child to hold on just so you can finish playing some silly game on the internet.  Finally I went and played dominoes with her.  We don’t play just your average game of dominoes.

Our game starts something like…

And end something like…

That game with her, seeing her smile and giggle was just as fun if not more fun as anything I could have told her to ‘wait a minute” for.  So, how often do you find yourself with a case of Wait A Minute Syndrome?  Now when you’re tending to work or cooking something on the stove that is one thing, but how often do you use the phrase unnecessarily; be it because you’re on the computer, you’re reading a magazine, you just can’t pull yourself away from a show til a commercial comes on, or maybe you just plain flat out don’t want to be bothered?  Then to make matters worse we tend to get aggravated with our children, spouse or even an employee at a store for doing the same thing that we do.

So instead of saying “wait a minute” why not do now what should not have to wait til later!  Lead by example.

Am I making sense, are ya with me?

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  1. Sunday, August 23, 2009 3:23 pm

    You are very right, Momma Am.

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