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13 Reasons I Love Groceries

Thursday, August 20, 2009

In true fashion of myself I decide to post 13 Reasons I Love Groceries to counter balance my 13 Reasons I Hate Groceries.

  1. I love that they bring nurishment.
  2. I love that you can be extremely creative with them.
  3. I love what comes out of the kitchen when my husband uses them.
  4. I love organizing them in my cabinets, nearly an obsession.
  5. I love that I can afford them.
  6. I love that they are conveniently located in local markets.  I remember when I went to college to be a paralegal my teacher told stories about going to Russia and having to take several trains just to reach a meat market.  When you got to the meat market you had to stand in line and wait and wait.  Not a lot of people could afford the meat.
  7. I love boxtops and saving them for my friend.
  8. I love earning gas rewards for every dollar I spend.  Nothing better then getting 10 cents per gallon off for every $100’s you spend.
  9. I love that if you take the time to use coupons you can save money on them.
  10. I love the “scratch & dent” grocery store.
  11. I love making fruit salad with them.
  12. I love the feeling of finding an above average discount.
  13. I love that when I remember them that the groceries are so much easier to deal with in the green bags.

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