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Do Not Disturb Tuesday in Review

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ya know what they say…better late then never!  Well obviously it only took me most of the day to sit down to the computer to write this but without further ado I bring you what happened on my day off from the computer.

The morning oh how I hate remembering the morning.  You may remember hearing that we got a puppy a couple months ago.

We crate trained our puppy so when it’s time for everyone to go goodnight we stick her in there so she can do the same.  Her pee cycle must have been off or something because in the morning there was puddles in the crate.  My husband got up for work and said the dog had peed in there, but he put her outside and I wasn’t all that worried, I figured it could wait till later till I was a little more alive.  Then he had to leave and asked that I get up and put the dog on her lead and lock the door.  No big deal, I slipped on my shoes; out the door I went and when I came back inside slipped off my shoes only to step in the trail of pee that she must have brought out with her on the way out the door.  Oh was I ever disgusted!  Nothing like stepping in pee at the butt-crack of dawn.  Then I of course had to clean up the floor, change my pants because I knew they had touched the floor and wash my feet.

Finally back to bed I went.  And oh did I went, I went so long I almost defeated the purpose of staying off of the computer for the day, because I wasted so much time watching the backs of my eyelids.

Of course eventually I got up and got the day started.  I decided to clean the kitchen and this is where I cheated a little.  I had realized I missed a tv show I had really wanted to see the night before and I logged online to try and bring it up so I could watch it while I cleaned.  Lucky for everyone the show wouldn’t load and I didn’t get to watch it anyway.

The kitchen and the living room both got cleaned.  I washed all the dirty clothes husband had brought home from his trip to Tampa and folded them to be backed later.  I spent some time tickling the little bug and chit chatting in our little way.

I got the bright idea that instead of dirtying the kitchen up with dinner we could go out to eat.  Well of course my husband had to work late, but I did end up meeting him.  I waited for him in the restaurant parking lot and when he got the little bug out of the car we discovered she had peed through her diaper and all over her dress.  He seemed to think we could just change her diaper and suck up the wet dress, but I was like Kmart is just over the hill wait here I’ll be right back.  Went there and picked out an outfit in no time flat.

It was when I hit the check outline that my super speedyness hit a brick wall.  I think I wasted at least 15 minutes in that line which will probably prompt me to write an open letter to Kmart tomorrow.  Lets just say when you have 3 super savvy coupon users in front of you, there is only 2 checkout lines open and every person in your county is trying to pay for their belongs at once…well you can imagine!

Get back to the restaurant where I change the little bug only to find out that the pants were so snug she will probably never wear that brand new pair of pants again.  I got to order a crabcake like I wanted but of course when things are going off the beaten path they continue to go and it just wasn’t what it normally is, almost like they got a new chef.  So enjoying my not as good as usual crabcake the husband got 2 service calls and spent the rest of dinner on the phone.

We left there where I seized the oppurtunity and went grocery shopping all by myself.  I spent $135 on heaven only knows what, then I am pretty sure I probably had a moment where I wished I was one of those slow poke coupon users in Kmart.  But on a brighter note the grocery store was sooooo peaceful at that time of night.

At home we got all the groceries in the house and I at least put all the cold stuff away…the other stuff still hasn’t been put away, but I’ll never tell.  Then I realized I had better pack the husbands suitcase and got too that.  Most of packing went well until I was like you only have 2 pair of work pants for 9 days!  At 11 o’clock at night I had to dry the load from earlier I forgot about and washed some more of his work pants.  I think 2 a.m.  I finally headed to bed and the dog started barking, back up outta bed to take the dog outside.  Back in the house the little bug had woke up and I made a bed for her on the floor in our room and finally to bed!

So there ya have it, My Do Not Disturb Tuesday.

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  1. Wednesday, August 19, 2009 7:48 pm

    You had a rough night. I need to do an All Dottie All the Time blog post. Scott has fallen in love with her and he’s the first man that she really likes. That makes me happy. She got a new dress yesterday and I can’t get her to sit still long enough to take it off so its nasty now! Yuck!

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