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Magnesium and Migraines

Monday, August 17, 2009

Remember me mentioning that since I took on the 30 Posts in 30 Days Challenge to myself I tend to look at everything as if it were a blog post?  Well if you don’t remember, it’s true…I do!

Today I was taking magnesium and decided to tell you about magnesium and migraines.  I probably would have thought of it sooner but I’m REALLY good at forgetting to take vitamins or anything that comes in a pill bottle for that matter.  3 days is a hot streak for me. 😛

Anywho what may or may not have been a long time ago I read an article in a magazine (if I could remember which one I’d give them credit) about how taking Magnesium can help ward off migraines and even help during a migraine.  I just took it of my own free will to believe that everything in magazines are true so I should just do it for awhile and I did notice that it helped.  Wish I would remember to take it more often!  As some reassurance I did eventually ask my doctor and I think he was surprised I even knew this and he confirmed.

So, obviously I love that it helps migraines, which seem to love me.  I love that I can go anywhere with a vitamen aisle and pick a bottle up without a prescription.  I also love that it doesn’t seem to have side effects.  I’ve taken prescription medication for migraines before and felt like if I weren’t still sane I’d be open to being shot by firing squad.  It was an awful experience.

Now because I care about you don’t be like me and just decide to go and try it for yourself.  I suggest contacting your doctor get him/her to tell you the doctors point of view on magnesium and get him/her to direct you on how often and how much you should be taking.  If you’re on other medications you should also make sure it will not adversely effect them.

Hope you learned something new today!

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  1. Monday, August 17, 2009 10:36 am

    Thanks for the reminder, Am. Need to get back to taking mag. and vit. B. It will help immensely; it has in the past!

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