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Do Not Disturb Tuesday-What?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Look for the button below on Tuesdays.

Yesterday I had a conversation with LaDonna that went something like this:

Me:  I gotta start getting more life outta my days.
LD:  I know what you mean.
Me:  The saying it's easy, I'm really struggling with the doing.  I think I need to give up this computer.
LD:  :-(  I know.  Me too.
Me:  I don't think I get as much accomplished as I could.
LD:  Yes.  I think I'm going to have to stay away to get things done and use this for pleasure.

I think the point we were both trying to make is that it gets so easy to get lost in the Cyber world, especially for us stay at home mothers.  Sad, but true.  I don’t think either one of us is prepared to completely part ways with the internet.  I know we both enjoy our time with our online friends and our blogs are a way to journal and connect with the world, but we may enjoy it a little too much.  As ashamed to admit it as we may be there are more times then not it takes away from the greater more important things in our lives; it is very easy to become consumed with being online.

That being said we came up with Do Not Disturb Tuesday.  A day to set  the online world aside and focus on the wonderful blessings life has afforded us.  Starting tomorrow and hopefully for many Tuesdays to come LaDonna and myself will turn off our computers until Wednesdays.  If we have a blog post to go out it will be written another day and scheduled for Tuesday or it can just wait all together.  I think that it goes without being said actions speak louder then words and I don’t want people to look at my actions and think wow she cared more about the d*mn internet then her family or her home or…ya get the picture.

So we encourage you to join us on Tuesdays to set the internet aside and enjoy your life.  Just think of all the things you’ll have to blog or talk about on Wednesday.

Do Not Disturb Tuesday is open to anyone who comes in contact with Come Here Little Bug or Just Our Thoughts.

Our rules are simple, respect the concept of Do Not Disturb Tuesday.  Set the internet, games and other programs aside (except for where it pertains to your job) and truly devote Tuesdays to the other parts of your life.

If you use our button link to one or both of us.

And if you’re a blogger consider making a post on Wednesday’s updating everyone on what you did on Tuesday.  Comments will be open to all bloggers and non bloggers alike.  We will attempt to put up a linky every Wednesday.

And BTW, using the internet on your cell phone is cheating! 😛

Thanks much!


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