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Blogging-What I’ve Learned

Monday, August 17, 2009

Today is day 28 of my 30 Post in 30 Days Challenge to myself; this post would probably be better suited for the last day of my challenge but Carpe Diem.

I can’t really say that I’ve learned a lot about blogging over the last 28 days, most of what I’ve learned about my 28 days of blogging have been in the last few days.  Inadvertently some of this post may pertain to the internet in general.

  • First of all blogging shouldn’t consume you.  Case in point, I hatched the shell of this post while in the shower a few minutes ago and I was so eager to head out to my laptop to sit down and write it I forgot to rinse the shampoo out of my hair.  (Insert laugh here)  Half way down the hall I could hear the little bubbles still in my hair and thought “no way” but touched my hair to discover “yes way” and headed back to the shower.

When I made the challenge to myself to make 30 posts in 30 days I did it because I thought I was neglecting my blog.  I did it because I thought if I spent more time on my blog my blog would get more attention.  I would see giveaways and sponsors and ads and think “I want that”.  But I’m not sure that I do and if I do I want it in a different way.

  • Giveaways shouldn’t be about whose scoring the most or hottest giveaways. If I ever get around to doing a giveaway or am offered the opportunity to do a giveaway or review I want it to be for something I’m passionate about.  If I ever do a review I don’t want to do it just to do it.  I hope they’re not offended by me saying this but some friends of mine have a review blog with some of their friends and from the outside looking in it doesn’t seem like there is much passion.  Some of the ladies seem to treat it like it’s a job and for the attention and the ladies who truly enjoy it are having it spoiled by the others, I seem them stressed out and irritated over situations that occur.  I feel sorry that something that should be a fun project among friends has become some what of a chore.
  • Blogging shouldn’t be about the fame game.  There really truly are a lot of woman who blog from the heart, but there are also a lot of woman who seem to get wrapped up in the “fame” and unspoken popularity contest.  For awhile myself and a friend would drop lines to each other about how many hits our blog had that day.  We’d participate in meme’s just to get our hits to rise.  But I’ve learned I don’t want to participate in meme’s to increase my traffic if I participate I want it to be for the enjoyment.  When you’re spending your spare time signing up for all the blog traffic networks out there it starts to become about the popularity.  Essentially pimping yourself out.  If I achieve some sort of popularity from my blog I just want it to be because people came, they read and they decided to come back for more.
  • I’ve learned that I don’t need to blog every day to be a good blogger.  I don’t need to blog every day to prove a point or to increase my traffic.  If I blog every day I want it to be because I’m passionate about it, even if my passion is just random thoughts.
  • Blogging is VERY time consuming if you let it be.  Time yourself some time.  What you think may take you 5-10 minutes to write will more often then not take considerably longer.  You upload photos, you make links to other sites, you think about what you’re going to write and sometimes erase or edit while you’re writing.  It all takes time.  That isn’t including if your taking the time to twitter your latest posts or tell your Facebook friends it’s up and ready for their viewing eyes.
  • Blogging and the internet isn’t worth telling your family members or friends to hold on, wait a minute or whatever.  Blogging isn’t worth starting dinner late or skipping chores around the house.  Several years from now are you going to want to remember how much time you spent babying that blog or do you want to remember all those wonderful times you spent having laughs with your children, your spouse or your best friend?  Save the online time for a specific time you set aside during the day.  Like after the children have gone to bed and your husband is in the shower.  When your husband is reading a book in bed and your sitting beside him having quiet time.
  • What I’ve learned about myself is that if I’m honest with myself and with each of you as embarrassing as it may be I spend entirely too much time on the internet.  Blogging or updating my status on various sites isn’t what I want my life to be about.  I want to enjoy my life, “real” life first and when there is time for something to be second then I want to spend time enjoying that too.  In away being online seems like it can tend to be like any other addiction.  You want more.  But with a willingness to try and a goal in mind I think you can accomplish anything.  Granite you may fall off the horse a dozen times and have to get back up again so to speak but eventually you’ll get it right.
  • Lastly all of this put together has sparked Do Not Disturb Tuesday which you well get details about in a post scheduled for later today.  But to some it up Tuesdays for me and for anyone who chooses to participate will be computer free, because each step leads to another step.  I plan on devoting my Tuesdays to the things I tend to neglect because I’ve got my eyes fixated and my fingers glued to a computer.  I need to remind myself there is so much more to life.

So if you’re still reading this if you get only one thing from this post let it be this:  Take time prioritize.  Decide what is most important in your life and make the most of it.

I hope I’ve made some sort of sense here I’m tired and just about cross eyed.  I stayed up pretty late to write this post while it was fresh in my mind…judging by the time this post may be a little contradictory.  Shhhhhh!

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  1. Monday, August 17, 2009 9:03 am

    Great thought provoking post. Actually I’ve thought a lot about this lately too. Until this morning I’d pretty much stopped posting, because it seemed too much like a job. Passion is a must for a blog to be enjoyable on both sides. I’ve also allowed myself to stop taking pictures of everything I could think of. That’s one part of my blog that I’ve always enjoyed.

    I’m looking forward to next month, and have already started with my recipe ideas. I’m feeling creative lately, so maybe I can hang on to that passion and blog with it.

    Now on to see how to make reviews more “passionate”.

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