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Random Thoughts

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Finally home.

Got to go to Jason’s Deli,

loved this,

we don’t have one here.

It’s nice to be home.

I need to do bills.

Hubs will get to spend the better part

of the week at home.

My nerves are nervous.

I’ve got a million thoughts

running through my head,

about a specific topic.

I can’t really elaborate.

I want to play wii.

We have an air quality alert

for the next 2 day.

The weather says,

mid atlantic heat wave,

stormy northeast.

This coming week

I’d like to paint

the little bugs room.

I’d like to do

some rearranging,

some organizing.

I think I need to go to the doctor.

Will someone unpack my car

so I don’t have too?

My new favorite saying…


I’m boycotting,

just ask LaDonna.

We ordered pizza

and stromboli

for dinner,

I forgot to ask for mustard.

Have you

ever had mustard

in your boli?

It’s good!

I have hope.

I feel anxious.

I hope Verizon

gets the iphone.

I seen it was a possibility

a few months ago

in an article.

I’m disappointed I didn’t win

the Tamron lense.

I really wish

the lady who did win

would fork it over.

I think

that about

sums it up


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