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Day 15, 30 Day Blog Challenge

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Today is day 15 of my 30 Posts in 30 Days Blog Challenge to myself and while I’m surprised I’m halfway there already blogging doesn’t seem to be getting any easier.  Actually this week it has been a little harder.  Since arriving in TN I haven’t been able to use my own computer, so I’m cut off from some of my resources.

A quick list of what I’ve learned so far…

  • Randomly writing isn’t as easy as it seems.  While obviously it’s easy to write words I’m the kind to highlight and delete a paragraph 15 times rewriting to make sure it’s just right.
  • Uploading photos and linking is very time consuming.
  • The whole process of blogging can be time consuming photos or links aside.
  • Knowing that I’ve committed myself to this challenge I find myself looking as a lot of activities and photo ops as a blog post while I’m out an about.
  • A notebook and a pen for capturing thoughts is a must.

Update from vacation…vacation isn’t as fun as I thought it would be.  All the “excitement” I had expected has been thwarted by other happenings.  On the bright side the weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow and Friday so hopefully things will look up.

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