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Preparing to Travel, Again!

Sunday, August 2, 2009
By inlovewithhim

Image By: inlovewithhim

I’m pretty sure it was this time last week when I was talking about packing for Virginia and here I found myself preparing for a trip to Tennessee.

We left Sunday night for Virginia and by Tuesday I was headed home and hubs was headed to Florida.  He came home Friday morning and then we headed to his office and his boss said we really don’t need you next week if you want to use up some of your vacation time.  Hubs never has the time to utilize his vacation days so I wasted no time making plans.

This is another trip we will skip riding in the luxury of a plane.  There is no direct flights to the airport we will be closest to from where we live so by the time we went through all of the trouble getting a flight and dealing with layovers it will be quicker to drive the 10 hours. *sigh*

While we are there we will visit with my grandparents.  We will head to Pigeon Forge to the amusement park and various attractions.  And of course we will float down Norris Lake in a pontoon boat.  I’m delighted.

Preparing for this trip will be a little more unique.  Of course I will make my lists just as I always do, but fitting everything on that list into the car…well there in lies the UNIQUE.  We have a fullsized truck that would be comfortable and easy to travel in but we don’t do things the easy way.  We do things the economical way by loading 2 adults, 3 kids a dog and all of our belongs into this Prius…

Would you believe this car is rated MID-SIZED?!

Anywho still lots of getting ready to do.  Today I cleaned house and did laundry.  Nothing worse then returning home to a mess!  We still need to make sure the car is completely cleaned out, pack…I know I’m slacking but I operate better under pressure and begin the creative process of placing each item in the car like an intriquete puzzle.  Wish me luck!

Oh and while you’re wishing me luck prayers for a safe, happy, fun trip would be a blessing.

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