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Organizing Digital Photos

Saturday, August 1, 2009

If you own a digital camera and you put it to good use it’s probably safe to say you have an arsenal of photos in your archives.  But how do you organize them so you can find them in the future?

Do you leave them in the stock folder they upload in?  Do you seperate them by date or event?

I try to break my folders down so they are pretty self explanatory and if I am looking for something specific they will be easy to find later.

It depends on what it pretains to how I break it down.  Some examples…

  • If it has to do with something like snow I would probably label the folder WINTER or SNOW and then within that folder have specific snow storms broke down by date.
  • Now lets say it’s vacations.  I would label the folder VACATION and then within that folder have specific folders labeled by place and date.
  • My digital scrapbooking items would be in a SCRAPBOOKING folder and then I like to organize those items by the original artist or by website so I know where to buy more of their stuff later.
  • Anything made specifically for my blog goes in a BLOG folder.

You get the idea, right!

So how do you organize your digital photos, I’d love to hear about it.

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