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Date Night or Something Like It

Friday, July 31, 2009

Truth be told I was kinda grumpy with my husband.  I might have been moody and he might have been insensitive.  So how do you build a date night on that…you don’t you just go with something like it.

We got up last Saturday all in a huff and took a drive to get new tires on the truck…

Just look at that tread haha.

While waiting for the truck we needed to find something to do so I guess the hubs thought be would try and work his way back into my good graces or cheer me up or whatever it was on his mind so we went to…

Followed by Macy’s…Where I got 2 pair of my favorite kind of jeans…

Then of course on to Old Navy to get some t-shirts and flip flops.  Which I can’t find pics of but I’m sure you can imagine t-shirts and flip flops in your head.

After all that was done we headed home with me in a much better mood.

Want to read about more Date Nights or brag about your own?  Go check out My Chick Flick.

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