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In Honor of 7

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It’s official today is the 7th day of my 30 post in 30 days blogging challenge and today I bring you things in 7’s.

7 songs I like to dance around the kitchen or sing in the shower too…

  1. You Belong With Me-Taylor Swift.  The song is great, but the video makes it better, so watch it already.
  2. Please Come To Boston-Kenny Chesney.  This is one of those songs you don’t hear on the radio, but so worth listening too.
  3. Free Fallin’-John Mayer
  4. Birthday Sex-Jeremih
  5. Rockstar-Nickelback.  Their concerts are great too!
  6. Hate My Life-Theory of a Deadman
  7. She’s Country-Jason Aldean

7 blogs I like to read…

  1. Kelly’s Korner
  2. Notes from Eden
  3. Cake Wrecks
  4. Simplify
  5. Shark Bait
  6. Just A Girl
  7. Paint, Decorate, Design on the Cheap

7 Places I’ve been in the last year…

  1. Orlando, Florida
  2. Clearwater Beach, Florida
  3. Baltimore Inner Harbor, Maryland
  4. Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
  5. Hershey, Pennsylvania
  6. Ocean City, Maryland
  7. Denver, Colorado

7 Things I don’t like…

  1. Oblivious people.
  2. Piling too much food on your plate at a buffet.
  3. Snakes.
  4. The dark.
  5. My ipod touch being MIA.
  6. Tomatoes.
  7. Crowded flights.

7 Things I Do Like

  1. My family
  2. God
  3. Babies
  4. Steak
  5. Laughing hysterically at nothing
  6. Planning
  7. Vacationing

I could go on but, truth be told…blogging can be very time consuming and I’m hungry!

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