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Worlds Stupidest Criminal

Monday, July 27, 2009

We went out to eat tonight at a chinese buffet.  I wasn’t feeling well and ate one modest plate of food.  The little bug didn’t seem to be looking so hot, so I thought I’d better take her outside.  (If she were to get sick she would just ralph where she stood.)  So we ran out.  Once outside we stood next the the hubby’s company truck with a clearly readable logo on the side and impatiently waited for hubby to come out.  I noticed one of the chinese woman who worked there looking out the door pointing and talking to the other girl inside.  After several minutes of this she came out inside and informed me I needed to pay for my meal.  I looked at her with what to have been a you have to be BEEPIN kidding me look on my face and said “my husbands still inside”! If she would have had a tail I’m pretty sure it was tucked between her legs when she walked back in.

None the less had I truly decided to dine and dash I would have been the worlds stupidest criminal.  Starting with running across the restaurant with a 6 year old, 6 year olds aren’t inconspicuous.  You can’t go out the door without walking past their staff.  And of course standing beside the logoed truck in their parking lot.  Why not just paste a sign to my chest that says ARREST ME!!!  I know there are stupid criminals out there, but COME ON!

Little late (1015pm) but I made it…

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