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Preparing to Travel

Sunday, July 26, 2009

This coming week I will be out of town.  I’ve decided to stay with my husband while he is on business since he is only 3 hours from home.  We don’t have anything planned, but I’m always a sucker for getting out of the house.  The little bug and I will probably spend some time at the hotel pool, unless it’s over crowded.  And we will probably also do a little exploring of the town we will be in, but we shall see.  Sometimes the little bug  can be quite the handful.

Before I go on any trip I like to make a couple of lists.  I like to make a list of things to pack.  That includes all of the obvious stuff.  As well as laptops, cell phone chargers, cameras,  ipods etc…ya know all the things we couldn’t possibly live without for a few days…tee hee.  I also like to make a list of things to do before I leave.  Things like take out the trash (trust me you don’t wanna come back to that).  Make arrangements for the dog.  Turn off the a/c (no need to waste resources while we are gone).  Clean if necessary, you don’t want to come back from vacation and be greeted by a mess, clean out the fridge…no science projects.  Basically anything that applies.  If I have a list I can check things off as I go so when I’m halfway to my destination I’m not panicking wondering if I packed this or took care of that.

Well gotta go make those lists!

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