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Easy Makeover Tips-The Appearance Blues

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The other day my friend Christi had mentioned that she just wasn’t feeling herself, mostly in the respect of feeling “sexy”.  To make a long story short she ended up doing her hair and make up, putting on a dress.  She inspired some of our friends to join in, some of them did their makeup and put on some jewelry, some put on a nice outfit.  Personally I’m a jeans and shirt kinda girl, so putting on a dress to feel sexy is often more likely to make me feel uncomfortable then sexy.  See here are my tips to improve your look whether you like to dress up, dress down or meet in the middle.

  • Wear the right size BRA!  Yes ladies, I know you’ve heard it before but it’s true.  For a long time I was one of those girls who “guessed” my bra size and I think it was an Oprah show that got me to measure myself for a bra and now I wouldn’t have it any other way.  If you change nothing else, change this.  You would be surprised how much giving the “girls” a lift and properly supporting them can make a difference.  Most high-end department stores that have a intimates department can help you with the measurements or you can refer to one of these sites:

This VIDEO is very informative on how to and what to look for.

How To Measure Bra Size

  • Be honest with yourself about your body shape and size.  There are always going to be things about our bodies that we just are not going to be happy with and for a lot of us that is our size.  While you cannot change your size overnight you can make an effort to dress properly for the shape and size you are.  Wearing clothes that compliment your body type can instantly change your appearance, even if it’s as simple as trading in your mom jeans for low rise boot cut and your tube top for a sensible blouse.  Need help with your body type and figuring out what clothes are right for you check out one of these:

What’s Your Body Shape (Free)

Missus Smarty Pants (Not as Free)

  • Consider a Body Shaper.  While the thought of a body shaper may not sound all that fun when you say it out loud but they can really change the way your clothing looks on you.  Basically they can smooth some areas out creating a more seamless look and some of them are good enough to make you appear a couple sizes smaller.  Check out:

SPANX-you will hear a lot of celebrities raving about these.

Dr. Rey’s Shapewear-He is/was on the show Dr. 90210.  He’s a plastic surgeon.

  • Makeup-I don’t care if you love make up or hate it if you’ve ever watched any kind of before and after makeover show you will see some amazing transformations where the makeup is involved.  Whatever you relationship is with makeup I encourage you to take the time to do it, at least once in awhile.  I can’t tell you to do it all of the time because I don’t, but I do tend to feel a little more special when I do put it on.  Want to learn how to apply it, some new ideas or just how to get “that” look proceed to one of these:

10 Easy Steps

Step By Step Makeup Guide

Night Club Look

  • Do your hair!  In my opinion if you have your hair did and you pair it up with some great makeup people aren’t going to care about the clothes as much.  When it comes to the hair unless you’re the kinda girl who doesn’t mind standing in front of the mirror primping everyday then you can go with just about any hair style, but if you’re not talk to your hairdresser about a sensible hairstyle that is low maintenance and have them suggest some good styling products.  If you don’t mind doing a little something to your hair, but you just don’t know how to achieve the look at home ask your hair dresser for tips, most of them are happy to share.  Whatever you do, don’t let bed head takeover.
  • Take time to be clean.  Clean applies to your body as well as to your clothes.  Dirty fingers nails, stinky feet or arm pits, stains on your clothes…not so appealing!

Whether you follow all of these ideas, just pick out the ones that you think will achieve the greatest results or resort to your own ideas, take a little extra time for your appearance.  When people expect to see you in your frumpy clothes and sloppy hair and you shock them and you do yourself  up a little I can almost guarentee you’ll fetch a couple compliments.  And I don’t know about you but I think a compliment, is definitely a sincere form of flattery and I’ll take it any day!

Lastly if you do take the time to give yourself a little makeover take a picture or if you have a recent picture from a day you thought you looked good, don’t be afraid to hang it up.  I think having a reminder of something that makes you feel good is definitely an inspiration to keep it up.

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