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Monday, June 15, 2009

Perception is something I don’t really think about but lately it is on the tip of my tongue.  I had somewhat intended to get on here and write some big amazing post about the word, but with each passing sentence it just wasn’t coming out the way I had intended or as elequantly as I had imagined so I’ve decided to just be quick and straight forth.

For metaphor purposes lets take the picture at the top of this post.  If you were too look at it and someone asked you if it was moving your first instinct is yes, but really it isn’t.  It is just the way your eyes perceive the design.  Without knowing all the facts about what makes it appear that way you may even insist that it is moving.  Perception can be accurate but many times perception can be very misleading.  The way we perceive things without having all the information can be very damming to whomever or whatever it pertains too.  Our eyes can’t always hear the truth and our ears can’t always see the truth.

Without getting into some big long shpeel all I am trying to say is don’t let your perception get in the way of seeking facts that will hopefully lead you to the truth.  We all know what they say about assumptions.

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  1. Tuesday, June 16, 2009 3:08 pm

    great thoughts. thanks! Been thinking along the same lines lately! Jumping to conclusions isn’t great.

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