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Week in Review

Friday, June 12, 2009

**In no particular order**

My children were here.

One of them is still here.

She has a boyfriend as of this week.  They grow up fast!

Ate at Subway twice.

I still haven’t gotten groceries.

My hubs went to Denver on Monday.  I miss him.

Spent a lot of time worrying about stuff that hasn’t happened and may or may not happen.

I took naps, I like naps.

Had many successes and unsuccesses potty training the dog.

I had lunch on the lawn at school with the little bug…she hearts recess.

Today was the last day of school for the little bug.  Summer vacation starts now!

We went to IKEA today…who doesn’t love that store.

I got a ice cream cone cupcake pan…RADD!

Little bug got 8 tubes of blood taken today for her quarterly check up…long story.

Had to pay the trash bill–highway robbery!

Majorly slacked on house cleaning but over obsessed about dog cleanliness.

Had to scrape my chin of the floor at the $306 vet bill.  Who knew getting a new puppy would be so much maintenance…they fail to mention that at the time of purchase!

Watched the newest episode of Army Wives, not sure if I’ll get into it or not.

It rained almost every day, one day we even had hail.

Caught up on some of my favorite blogs.

Organized my internet bookmarks.  Still working on erasing ones I don’t check out anymore.

Thought about making a new blog header, but being lazy bones.

Glad to see things proceed with my oldest step-daughter…can’t explain.

**Probably more but I’m not good at remembering a weeks worth of life…oops.**

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