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Just Another Manic Monday

Monday, May 18, 2009

Hopefully nothing about today will be MANIC, but that old song popped into my head and a blog post can always use a catchy tune for a title right!

So if you read Stuck In A Rut I can’t say that I feel better, but I’m trying to be optimistic.  If you read the comments I know some really great supportive ladies and I appreciate their kind words.  Successful or not before I’ve gone to bed each night I’ve been trying to write down one thing I want to change/work on that day.  I like knowing that I have a mission in mind whether it’s successful or not.

One thing I can tell you about being in the rut is that unfortunately all it takes is one person to make or break you.  I’ve noticed one particular person in my life can change my whole entire day from good to bad or bad to good.  At some point I have become very emotionally dependant on that person and I need to let that habit go.  I need to learn to be dependant on myself so that I can be the best for myself and others in my life.  That the best solution I have right now.

Onto a perkier topic subjects before I indulge myself in a moment.  Whats New:

  • Friday I went yardsaling.  I can’t even tell you the last time I went to a yardsale but I got some great finds.  2 of which were Longaberger baskets.
  • Got my step-daughter a new bike for her birthday, I think she was over the moon.
  • Did some cleaning today…which was a positive where my rut is concerned.
  • Added Stumble Upon button to my blog.
  • Been re-arranging my living room, I’m trying to find out where I want the furniture before I tackle painting.  Hopefully I will post pics later this week and you can chime in.
  • I’m trying to figure out Google Reader.  I’m hoping I’m just having issues because it’s late.  Any advice is welcome.
  • Not completely happy with the look of my blog, what would you like to see?

As I mention it’s late and the longer I sit here the more all I can think about it is sleep.

Finally pray for me.  My heart is heavy and my thoughts are deep.  I could just really use some guideance as well as some peace.  ❤

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