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A Windy Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 10, 2009

It’s very late or early here depending on how you look at it but officially Mother’s Day and it is windy.  In my efforts to find some windy clip art I got to thinking about windy cities.  Is Chicago really the windy city?  What are the windiest cities?  Without further hesitation I give you U.S windy cities…

Windiest U.S city is…

Dodge City, Kansas-avg wind speed 13.9 mph

After that you have…

Amarillo, Texas-avg wind speed 13.5 mph

Rochester, Minnesota-avg wind speed 13.1 mph

The windiest “big” cities…

NYC (La Guardia Airport) and Oklahoma City-both avg wind speeds of 12.2 mph.

As for CHICAGO it comes in at an avg wind speed of 10.3 mph

(info found on by Doyle Rice 5/23/2005)

Okay windy weather lesson aside my Mother’s Day festivities I think it’s safe to say were covered yesterday.  The hubs and I went to his sisters wedding and when it was over we jumped ship and went to a nice restaurant for crab cakes.  Before you think thats totally mean, they are not close by any stretch of the imagination…to tell you the truth I’m shocked the hubs even went.

So back to the crabcakes, YUM!  We ended up getting take out for my mom and her hubs and headed to her house.  We had to wait till what felt like forever to get there, turns out she had stopped at our house.  Who’d have thunk it lol.  But alls well that ends well.  I gave them their food and my mom her gift.  My mom gave me gifts which included a grocery gift cards, always handy!  And 2 longaberger baskets, which if you know me…that scores major points in my book.  Hopefully I’ll post some pics later.

Anywho just thought I would wind down a little I’m REALLY ready for bed.  Keep my hubby in your prayers today he will be traveling.

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