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Trash Day

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Last night I wrote an entire post and then the internet basically said the hell with me and it wouldn’t publish or save or anything of the sort.  It’s Wordless Wednesday but it’s a little late in the day to go through all the trouble of posting and linking and whatever so I bring you TRASH DAY.  Lucky You. 🙂

Today was trash day…I can’t see a lot of my neighbors but if I stand at the end of my drive I can see 3 driveways and apparently everyone else forgot to take out the trash, GO ME!

Last week I panted some flower seeds in those little biodegradeable starter pots and this morning I seen sprouts!  Not a big deal, but I don’t EVER plant anything.  I’ve been telling everyone today I have a green thumb.  My husband who’s pretty close to a zillion miles or Denver away was proud of me!

If I wasn’t sick and didn’t have a mean case of LAZYitis I would take pics of my little sprouts.  My house has taken a major hit because of the whole sick and lazy thing.  The good news is somewhere in between sick and lazy I lost 2 pounds and that was with my clothes on!  My doctor said my “sick” was a bad SINUS INFECTION and hopped me up on amoxicillan, which may or may not have been the cause of the less then pleasant dreams I had.

I just got the mail and there was only one thing inside…

The National Association of Letter Carriers is sponsoring a food drive Saturday May 9, 2009.  It’s easy to participate.  You gather some non-perishable food items your willing to part with and put it by your mailbox.  Then your mail-person will pick it up and take it to the food bank.  Easy Peasy!  I’d tell you to tell them that Amber sent ya, but honestly I don’t think they’d care.  So if you want more information how about you click right HERE.

Besides that I’ve got nothing so get out from behind the computer screen and go do something productive with your day and maybe just maybe I’ll follow your lead.

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