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On My Mind

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Given the fact I don’t know what makes everyone tick, I don’t know what their driving force is or what they experience on daily basis but I think it’s safe to assume some of us are a lot alike and others of us not so much.  I am the sort of person who worries and over thinks everything.  I consider every possible scenario I can think of and sometimes drive myself quite buggy.  At church once the one fella that taught adult sunday school said that 85% of what we worry about never even happens and that has stuck with me for many years.  When I’m really over doing the thought process I try to remind myself of that…I’m especially great of telling other people that when things on their end is tough.

For me you or whoever below you’ll find a list of things that are ON MY MIND.

  1. Groceries and meal planning.  I need to make a meal plan so going to the grocery store is more simple, but frankly I haven’t felt like stepping into a grocery store for anything more then essentials.  Any great recipes to make me want to go to the store?
  2. Resolutions-I didn’t make a resolution.  I decided to make a list of 43 things instead and I never even finished the list which was one of the “things”.  I haven’t even went back to reference the list to see if I accomplished anything.  Honestly I feel like I’m letting myself down.  I’m watching time pass me by and that is NOT who I want to be.
  3. Cleaning-When isn’t this on my mind?
  4. My stepdaughter.  She got her cell phone taken away last month by her mother she just got it back a day ago.  So today I text her and let her know I missed her and I felt like I got some major SNUB action.  We’ve always been kind of close and frankly my feelings were hurt.  I hope it’s something that will pass and not the start of some new phase.
  5. My relationship with and understanding of God.  I’ve always believed in God and what I’ve been taught that he is about and the older I get I find myself truly desiring that deeper connection.  I look forward to praying, it’s somewhat of an outlet and I am disappointed in myself when I don’t.
  6. My oldest friend Jess has recently started hanging out with a guy…not a bad guy, just different then what I expected and not in a bad way.  And when I think about it I think “if it rocks her world have at it”.
  7. How do you know when the period goes before or after the quotation mark?
  8. Hotel Rates-My husband wants to switch hotels
  9. My husbands schedule-Sometimes I feel a little guilty for wishing he was home more because in these times he is very blessed to have a job and be getting more hours then most people can dream of and I don’t want to “jynx” that so to speak but I miss him.  I basically see him for 2 days here and there.  I keep bring up the word vacation!
  10. Speaking of vacation I will be able to go visit him on one of his jobs it will either be Ft. Lauderdale or Denver…it keeps changing.  The two weeks I can choose from he will be in one place the one week and the other place the other week.
  11. Cleaning out the fridge.
  12. A huge list of projects I want to work on around the house that I seem really gung-ho about until it comes time to get to it and then it’s life I hit a brick wall and splat.  I’m still in my twenties where on earth has my pep gone?  I’ve even been to the doctor and the test they ran said I was “normal”.  Any tips or suggestions on being a peppy go getter?
  13. People who talk ill of people that I love.  I’m the only one supposed to be able to do that, duh!
  14. Being sick-I went away lastnight and today I feel like I have smokers cough minus the fact that I don’t smoke.  While I think it’s safe to say it’s a random cold it’s still kinda scary to think about with all the “Swine Flu” talk out there.
  15. My kid is sick too, should I send her to school tomorrow?
  16. Will McDreamy and Meredith actually tie the knot on Greys this week?  Silly I know, but it really is on my mind.
  17. Why is it that every time I mention the word diet around myself thoughts of food pass my lips and go to me gutt?
  18. I don’t want to bring the garbage cans up from down near the road.
  19. Is it suppose to rain again tomorrow?
  20. If I make a list of things I want to do am I just going to hold true to character and skip the better part of it?
  21. Do I want to pay the money to go from to .com?
  22. Reading, I got some new books that I think will be great.  I started reading the one.  It’s called Miserly Moms, I believe it to be the 4th Miserly Moms the lady has written.  The little bit I ready to seems to be good, I really want to make the time to get back to it.
  23. Will I ever be able to talk anyone into building me a built in desk in my kitchen?  I want something more useful so to speak.
  24. Am I going to have to renew our satellite contract just because the buttons on our current boxes are getting old and weary and un-useful?

Pretty sure that is quite enough for the time being.  I think I wore myself out writing that list I can’t imagine how you must feel having to read it!  Any tips suggestions or related feelings would be great!

Here’s to a Happy Monday…okay?  Lets break the Monday stereotype shall we?

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  1. Monday, May 4, 2009 12:32 am

    On #5. Make prayer a conversation. You might look like you are talking to yourself, but only you and God need to know the difference.

  2. polkaspotfarm permalink
    Monday, May 4, 2009 6:40 pm

    Hubs can’t change hotels until we use all of his free rooms! Tell him I need a vacation too, and before we knock you off.

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