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Monday, April 27, 2009

I’m thinking lots of random updates here.  So you know just what I’ve been doing and thinking and how.

*Of all Mondays why did this one have to be the b*tch?  That little thing I call an alarm clock apparently forgot to go off for 3 yes count them 3 hours too late.  Said alarm clock only snoozes for 5 minutes at a time so unless I pushed snooze 3 dozen times and neither my husband or myself heard it we gots an issue!

*Oh-in case you didn’t notice from above the husband was home!  He got home for the first time in 28 days on Friday.  And it was a lonnnnng 28 days.  After 2 1/2 years with this company I would expect nothing less then for the schedule to go out the window, but this exceeded the limit.  He was originally supposed to be gone for 4 days.

*The husband was the victim of the non conforming alarm clock.  He had planned to leave our house at 430 this morning for Denver and I didn’t randomly wake up to right the wrongs of the alarm clock till 630 am.  Can you say LATE!  Of course this all makes me nervous because anyone who knows my impatient husband knows that it is now 742 am he is on his way down the road (an hour and 10 min drive minimum) trying to make his 832 am flight.  Even though I already called the airline and confirmed there is another flight less then 2 hours later.

*Seven years ago today I made that husband of mine say I DO. 

*My house looks like a tornado came in and barfed.  Seriously how can one house get so messy over the course of a weekend?  I do not remember even being here that much!  But I can tell you with complete certainty that it’s bad and if anyone were to knock on my front door right now I would pretend to be not home or better yet in the shower.

*We got a new to us lawn mower over the weekend.  Our first John Deere.  Hubby got it home took a couple swipes around the yard and broke the belt that makes the mower mower…”the guy” will be out sometime this week to fix it.  So new riding mower and the hubs still and a hufalump and push mow the hill big side of a hill yard.

*Yesterday we went to…(drum roll please)

Probably sounds pretty unexciting but I was glad.  We got some kind of grass seed that looks like insulation to make your lawn better then it already is.  We had bought some veggie seeds a couple months back and I got a seed starting kit so I can get that on it’s merry way…wish me luck!  We got a new hummingbird feeder…we use to have on and they are just fun little birds to watch.  It’s been awhile since we’ve had a feeder so hopefully the little guys are still around.  And most importantly we got this little plastic washer looking thing to fix the ice maker on the fridge.  Oh how I’ve missed you ice maker!

*Today is officially 2 weeks since my surgery and I fell MUCH better.  Unfortunately my stomach still has a couple HUGE disgusting looking bruises that won’t seem to move along.

*Anyone know of a nice ipod docking station?  I don’t really want to spend my life savings or my first borning but I have an itouch and would really like a nice docking station so I don’t always have to walk around my house with headphones.

*Did ya’ll know that The Fray sings the song Heartless?  Kanye West has it splattered all over the sound waves but I am totally loving it by The Fray!

*I’m going to DENVER!  That is exciting because the farthest West I’ve ever been is a little town in Indiana.  And come on it’s exciting because it’s Denver…hubs will be on business there and his company is extending the luxury to me.  Thank You WTI.

Okay thats enough in the latest and greatest catagory for now.  Happy Monday?

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  1. Monday, April 27, 2009 11:04 pm

    Happy anniversary, girl!

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