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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hey Hi Hello There!

Truth be told I’m not sure if I have any “regular” readers I tried to do feedburner once and somewhere along the line it didn’t go so well.  Anywho even if I had any regular readers you have probably jumped ship with my major lack of posting.  I have been coming across some great info that I had actually though about sharing but every time I sit down and think about blogging I think myself out of it.

I had been dealing with some struggles so that had kinda got me down for a little while and then this past monday 4/13 I had outpatient surgery for an umbellical hernia.  They cut me open right above the belly button deal with the hernia itself the best they can and then put something called mesh over it to try and prevent reoccurances.  I’m not a 100% sure it works because I had this done one other time, but they tell me they used a different kind of mesh this time.

I think standard procedure is to be a little worried about surgery but having had this done one other time I was truly at peace with the way things were going to go.  There had been a little discomfort last time but all in all things ran very smoothly…apparently it would have been too much to ask that it be smooth the second time around.  It took me a lot longer to come out of anesthesia this time around they let my mom know that I was done and in recovery at 1:07 and they never brought her and my daughter back to see me till 2:45.  I layed there looking at the ceiling for a long time watching it race by like a highway and then closing my eyes and complaining about the pain.  Finally the ceiling stopped racing and I asked to see my family and so they moved me along and I got to see them and my mom took us to her house for the night.

That night I felt pretty lousy expected so my mom took off of work the next day and we called my grandmother who lives 600 miles away to drive up and stay with me till I felt more functionable.  Caring for myself isn’t all that hard, it’s the caring for an autistic 6 year old that would be the challenge.  Unfortunately my husband is 1200 miles away on business.  He left on the 27th of March and was supposed to be home 4 days later, needless to say here 20 days later he still does not have a tentative date of return.

Moving on my grandmother came on Tuesday and we got to come home where I have made no good progress since.  My incision is still sore, which you have to expect that.  They gave me pain pills which I took for a bit but am not up for taking now.  To be blunt I’m constipated.  4 doses of a laxative that I accidentally took too much of a couple times later I still have not been able to go.  As you can imagine I have cramps, my stomach is ascended.  I may not be a skinny girl but that has me looking out right pregnant.  With all of that it has made eating less then desireable and drinking makes me feel like throwing up.  Which all of that has lead to me not taking the pain pills because that can contribute to constipation and nausea.

In my misery I’ve called the doctor a couple of times and so far all they have offered up is just a laundry list of things to try.  Assuming I ever get this taken care of I want to go out to eat for a feast lol.  And at this point I am pretty sure if the hernia ever returns again I’ll deal with the hernia, because this is brutal!

Well I guess I’ll end this with an I hope everything is well with all of you.  Continue to pray for baby Stellan who made flight to Boston today for further medical care.

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  1. Saturday, April 18, 2009 10:55 am

    i hope you are not still in agony.

    when you feel up to it, there is an award for you at my blog.

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