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Coupons-One Small Success

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I like the average Jill know what coupons are but have shunned their use for sometime.  Not because I don’t like the concept I just don’t make time to use them.  But with blogging has come other blogs some of which are about coupons and store savings, the part that truly amazes me is the items people are getting for free!  So recently I decided I wanted in on some of this action and today I had my biggest success.  First let me start with my over all savings.  Before coupons and store savings my bill was a whopping $72.94 after my bill was $32.92.  That huge difference was largely in part to hams for Easter being on sale at .49 cents a pound.  I hadn’t intended on buying ham, but at that price I bought 2, both more then 6 lbs for less then $4. a piece!

Anyway about the coupons.  The grocery store I like to shop it threw a little something special in the sunday paper.  4 coupons to double $1.00 coupons…I had to take advantage of that, so what did I get?

Kelloggs Apple Jacks-Regular 3.29 on sale 2/6.oo (you do not have to buy both to get the savings) minus 1.00 coupon doubled=1.00

Duracell AA 4 pack Batteries-Regular 2.99 minus 1.oo coupon doubled=.99cents

Crest Kids Toothpaste-Regular 2.29 minus 1.oo coupon doubled=.29cents

Oscar Meyer Bacon-Regular 5.99 per pack on sale B1G1 minus 1.oo coupon doubled=3.99 (for 2 packs)

Quaker Rice Snacks 4/5.00 (don’t have to buy them all) minus 1.oo coupon not doubled=.25 cents.

I thought as far as coupons go this was one exciting day in my new found adventure.  The other week I got Halls cough drops for .19cents.

While I am mentioning savings we have one of those groceries stores that just buys up pallets of random food and sells it at a discount I decided to run by there today as well.  I have a specific kind of bread that I really like and at my regular grocery store it is 3.59 a loaf they had it for 1.69 a loaf at this store…I bought 2 for a savings of 3.80.  My daughter likes those individual boxes of cereal which are 3.79 a pack at my regular grocery store they had it for 1.59 a pack at this store for a savings of  4.40.  There was a couple other things but these were my two biggest scores and I had to share my excitements.

Happy Using Coupons 🙂

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