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Decluttering, Organizing and Decorating-Intro

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This is a topic I really love and have wanted to post about for a while but it’s really hard for me to slow my thoughts down and get everything I could say into a post, organizing my thoughts is probably the hardest organizing project of all.  If this comes off a little scattered please bare with me, hopefully it will all come together.

Let me start by saying that I think these three topics go hand in hand if you want to do them right.  I don’t want to have a beautiful piece of cabinetry only to open it up and have”stuff” hurling out at me.  No matter how beautiful a room is I think that knowing there is clutter lurking some where in that room leaves a looming feeling in the back of your mind.

I personally don’t think that you should organize clutter and while I guess you can decorating a room with out decluttering and organizing I think you will truly enjoy it much more if you do.

For many of us it’s hard to know where to start, myself included.  I think that my thought process far out weighs my doing, but there comes a point where you just have to let trial and error get to work and trust that you can get there.  With a little research and inspiration I think that you can achieve just about anything.  A lot of people let their creativity be held back by money and ability.  No matter how deep my pockets may or may not be I think that finding a great bargain can make something all the more enjoyable.  A lot of times my ability would go further if I had someone to help me, but since my husband travels so often that isn’t always an option.  Other times I will completely surprise myself and am amazed at what I can make happen.

Over the next few weeks I would like to start with decluttering and organzing and work my way into decorating.  I hope that you will come back and maybe some of my ideas will inspire you.

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