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20 Little Things to Look Forward to in Spring

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

  1. Rain Showers-I definitely wouldn’t want it to rain all the time, but I have to admit I really do enjoy the serenity of a rainy day.
  2. Everything Blooming-It’s nice to see the greenery coming back around and the buds on the flowers.
  3. Outdoor Projects-Whether it be staining the deck or pulling weeds, I think it’s fun to prepare the outdoor space.
  4. Family gatherings-It’s the start of the outdoor get together season.
  5. Busting out the Grill-While sometimes we do use the grill in the colder months it’s rare and it’s nice to be able to walk out on the deck and cook something up and not having to get the kitchen all in a tizzy.
  6. Bird Feeders-Especially hummingbird feeders.
  7. The School Year Home Stretch-I like knowing the little bug only has a couple more months of school left and we can get back into vacations and random trips.
  8. No More Cabin Fever-With snow and cold windy days I tend to stay in more often and so when spring comes around the cabin fever starts to pass.
  9. Spring colors, I think pastels are kind of calming.
  10. Yard Sale season, I don’t often get to go, but I really like it when I can go and just find something amazing or an even more amazing price.
  11. My anniversary being in April.
  12. The different holidays.
  13. Decorating my outdoor space and checking out the new selection at the hardware store.
  14. Taking pictures of rainbows after a storm.
  15. Not having to wear a coat everywhere and not shivering on the walk to my car.
  16. Opening the windows.
  17. Life in general.
  18. Saying I’m going to spring clean even though that might be a little bit of a stretch.
  19. Not having to rely on heat or air conditioning
  20. Eating ice cream without turning into an ice pop myself.

Want to partcipate or just see what other people have to say about spring?  Head on over to the Inspired Room and get your spring on!

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  1. Wednesday, March 11, 2009 1:35 am

    I so agree. I cannot wait for spring! Well, I guess I can as I really have no choice.

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