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Help A Mommy Out

Monday, March 2, 2009

I’m not sure if I have mentioned it before but there is a little blog called Shark Bait I like to sneak over and read everyone once in awhile, I don’t personally know the woman “Tib” that writes Shark Bait, but I find her witty humor funny, last month she did a series of post called “Bucket Filler” and I think I got even more hooked.  Anywho the reason for this post isn’t to tell you about my amusement with her blogs it’s to tell you to give her some cash or help her find some people that have a little extra cash to give.  On the side bar of my page you will find:

She is taking part in a ride to cure diabetes.  Her son seen above has type 1 diabetes so I think I would be correct in saying this is a cause near and dear to her.  Donating a nickel or a lot of nickels would help her reach her goal of $4200.  So hurry up already, go to my side bar click on the button that will take you on over to her page… empty out your coin purse or grab her button and help her spread the word.

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