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A Not So Giveaway

Monday, March 2, 2009

As you might have seen my buzz last week I had planned a giveaway to start this week but I have decided to postpone it.  We live on the east coast which if you haven’t watched the weather or news we got snow.  Snow isn’t so bad but the wind with it…awful.  My internet has been touch and go and my email is acting haywire and I’ve decided I don’t want to do a giveaway when I can’t be attentive to my page.  So if you happened to stop by for that reason my new giveaway day will be announced hopefully sooner then later.

In the mean time when I know I can write a full on post without service interuption I will be starting to talk about some of my favorite things.  Decluttering, Organizing and Decorating.  Be sure to check back and hopefully you will pick up some nifty ideas.

In the mean time excuse me I’m off to beg someone to plow my driveway.  My dear husband left the truck home with me and drove my car to the airport, but even the truck is no match for the drifts…*sigh*

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