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Ty Pennington Furniture and Other Stuff

Friday, February 27, 2009

Lucky me ordered something off of HSN once upon a time and now whenever they think they have something good to talk about they send lovely little me emails to catch me up on whats new.  Today they really caught my eye when they mentioned Ty Pennington and Home Organization all in one sentence.

Check out this be-A-U-teeeee

This is called Ty Pennington Home Organization by Howard Miller.  So I’m not sure who to give credit to Ty or Howard…but I’m loving it either way, even if it just from afar.  If you would like to love it from afar you can continue to drool right here or go to HSN and drool there.  Right now I’m trying to serve a desire to save loot so I won’t be getting one of these, but if you want one and you have the extra cash laying around and want to get me one as well, or just me one you can pick this up for $1137.95 with free s/h.  If you need my address for delivery just leave me a comment and I’ll be in touch!

If you are just in the mood to shop but don’t want to spend quite that much money WOOT has their amazing daily deal up and today it is…

Polaroid i1035 Digital camera with 3″ LCD for $59.99 and $5.00 shipping as always.

Last but not least if you want something new to you but you just don’t want to spend money right now there is always FREECYCLE.  You go over there and find a group near you, you sign up and when people starting giving their stuff away you offer to go on over to their house and take it off of their hands.  They pick you and everybody wins!

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  1. Friday, February 27, 2009 3:09 pm

    I want one of those Ty Pennington cupboards too!!! That is beautiful.

    Stop by my blog. Mentioned you again, my friend.

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