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Adventures in Saving Money

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I would venture to say that the average adult individual cares about saving money.  Some of us are good at it and some of us or not.  Some of us can sit down and write a specific budget and know exactly what is going where and when, just how much we will need for groceries, savings, giving so on and so forth and some of us just dream of being that way with little direction.

I definitely care about where my money goes, but unfortunately I don’t often do a good job at keeping track of it.  But I find that one little step here and there can make a difference elsewhere.  For example my husband gets paid every other week, so this past week I of course sat down to pay bills.  I paid the specific bills that needed taken care of and when I was done I had X amount of dollars left over.  Oh how I love shopping so sometimes the leftover amount after bills sparks a certain happiness in me and other times when there is less that I get a slight feeling of panic even though I know there is more then enough money there to get by.

In an effort to save some money and set some new boundaries in my life when it comes to money I made the decision to live of about half of what I had leftover from the paycheck after bills and save the other half.  Heck or high water I decided I was going to stretch those dollars for day to day expenses over a 2 week period.  Well yesterday I proved to myself that, that was a great decision.  An un-expected bill showed up in my mailbox which I only have 10 days to pay.  If it weren’t for that money that I had set aside…that bill might not get paid in the allotted amount of time.  But thankfully that is not an issue.

Embarrassing as this will sound our family often lives paycheck to paycheck.  Not so much because we are stretched beyond our means, but because we don’t often take the time to care about our means?  Not sure if I’m getting my point across.  We don’t set limits for ourselves is what I guess I am trying to say, we pay the bills and whatever is left we freely spend.  THAT ISN’T GOOD!  It’s clear that we really need to take the time to appreciate the money that we have and make the most of it.  So whether you are living from paycheck to paycheck for the reason that my family is or if you are living paycheck to paycheck because of bills take some time to evaluate your situation as a whole.  This won’t hold true for everyone but I think even some of the tightest budgets have room for improvement.  So if you only make one little change.  Make a that change and when you get comfortable with that one think about implementing another one.

My goal for myself is that when my hubby gets paid to continue to pay the bills first and foremost.  Then with whatever money is left deduct the specific dollar amount that I know we can live on (not always what we WANT to live on) and put the rest aside in savings.  I think that if I can make this a regular habit it will open many more doors in our life and will broaden our capabilities.  The extra money could be used for so many things.  If I stick to it for 6 months…3 months worth could be used for additional payments on bills and the rest continue to save an add too.

Anyway think about setting a goal for yourself and your family.  It only takes one goal at a time and even though we are all bound to “fall off the wagon” we need to remember to get back up and keep going.  To cross the hurdles as they come and remember that just because it may not go the way we planned that achieving part of the plan or goal is better then not achieving it at all.

Let me know what goal you plan to start with and be sure to check back on how I am doing in my Adventures of Money Saving.

Need some money saving ideas?  Check out my Super Thrifty Frugal Money Saver post.

Some goals or ideas to get you started:

  • Cancel a Credit Card
  • Shop at Thriftier Stores.
  • Put a Set Dollar Amount in Savings
  • Save Your Change
  • Only Buy a New Item that you WANT when your budget truly allows for it.
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  1. Friday, February 13, 2009 2:04 pm

    Great post.

    We do something similar. We put most of the “extra” into a savings account and try to keep it there. We’ve built up quite a bit. I have been trying to average 200 a month there. But our situation changed and I’m so glad we did that. DH does not have steady employment (well, he does but he doesn’t, anyway). We are using those savings. Very glad they are there.

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