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Super Frugal Thrifty Money Saver

Friday, February 6, 2009

A few things have triggered my desire to write this post.  After I wrote CONTENTMENT it inspired a dear internet friend of mine over at Just Our Thoughts to write a post entitled Thrifty.  Her an I talked about the post and we tend to live our lives differently in the financial department and our financial situations are different.  I venture to say that she is pretty smart in the dollars and cents department as far as getting the most bang for her buck.  I would also venture to say I’m pretty smart in the dollars and cents department I just don’t often choose to make the smartest decision when it comes to that bang.  I thought about it a little while but kind of let it slip to the back of my mind.  Then I was reading through some old posts over at The Small Notebook and came across the post No Spend Month.  For whatever reason I’m the kind of person who tends to read a little too much into coincidence and thought you know what instead of saying I’ll do it “tomorrow” I decided it’s already tomorrow somewhere else and I’m going to do a little research on being more frugal and thrifty.  Below you will find the tips that I know and don’t use and or the tips I’ve found here and there.  Maybe if we are all lucky I can convince Just Our Thoughts to write a post devoted to her tried and true ways.

  • Make a List-This can help you stick to the plan.  I’m not just talking about grocery list.  How about list for what you want to accomplish financially…break it down into a long-term list and a short term realistic list.
  • Internet-If you’re going to pay the monthly bill for it, utilize it to shop around.  Check your local grocery stores circulars for the week.  Compare prices at major chains.  Get a deal on gently used or never used items at Ebay and Craigslist.  Join your local Freecycle community and get things for FREE.
  • Trim the Fat-Look around your house got satellite or cable tv?  If you are paying a fee for more then one tv hook up considering giving up some extra connections.  Are you paying your internet company to rent a modem?  In the long run it would be cheaper to buy one out-right.   Have a house phone and a cell phone.  Evaluate if you are using the minutes you pay for…could you drop to a cheaper plan.  Could you use just a cell phone instead of a house phone.  If you have to have them both can you give up extras like caller ID and call waiting or text messaging.
  • Unplug-Not only is this a “green” tip it’s a great way to save a few extra dollars on the electric bill.  All you have to do is unplug the items that are not in use until you are ready to use them.
  • Compare Providers–  Can you save money by using an internet phone provider rather then a local service provider?  Can you choose a car insurance company with cheaper rates?  Can you get a cheaper interest rate by switching banks that hold your loans and credit cards?
  • Trade-There are internet groups dedicated to the trading items process.  Invite friends over to your house for a household items trade.  Want to change up the decor in your house and know some friends who want to do the same.  Trade pictures, side tables, knick knacks, photo frames, curtains, blankets…the list goes on.  Trade your best friend winter coats, shoes or clothes to update your wardrobe.  If you have a talent trade your service for someone elses service.  Maybe you know how to cut hair and your neighbor is a tax guru.
  • Coupons-Sunday paper, flyers, internet, passed down from a friend.  You know the drill!

This basically just scratches the surface on frugal, thrifty money saving ideas, but hopefully it will get you thinking.  Don’t forget to go check out the blogs above.  I’m excited about trying No Spend Month, I just can’t decide whether I should wait for the new month to start or just count out a month from now?

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  1. Friday, February 6, 2009 7:26 pm

    Oh dear, Amber! You had me laughing. You will get me to write that post yet! I’ll keep it brewing on the back burner.

  2. Thursday, March 19, 2009 9:11 am

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