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My Eventful Couple of Days

Friday, January 30, 2009

Well where do I even begin…

Lets catch you up to speed a bit…my aunt & uncle were expecting a baby boy due on February 5.  Tuesday morning I found out that my aunt woke up to find blood on her bed and they headed to the hospital.  At the hospital they did their check up and told them not to worry or come back until contractions were 5 minutes apart and stronger.  They told her she could go within hours or a week, really no way to tell.  As the day progressed contractions when from 6-5-4 minutes.  At 4 minutes they decided to go back into to the hospital.  All of this amidst a snow/ice storm.  They spent a few hours at the hospital only to be sent home again around 11:30 p.m.  They gave her a percocet and a sleeping pill and told her that if the pain woke her up after all that, then come back in.

Anyone who knows me know that when it comes to falling asleep at night…I just don’t do it well and this night was no exception.  At 3:55 a.m. still awake I got the call that my aunts water broke and that they were on the way to the hospital.  I called a few people to let them know who seemed to be way more interested sleep then hearing about a baby and once again I tried to go asleep.  Finally it was time to get the little bug up and ready for school but I checked the internet and school was canceled because of the weather.

I texted a few people to see if by some miracle I could find someone to take care of my daughter so I could go into the hospital, finally my mom said she would be at my house by 9 and we would head up.  She got to my house and decided to drive because of the weather.  We went into to the hospital to visit with my aunt but progression was very slow and she was very tired so we didn’t stay long before heading to my house.

On the way there we stopped at the grocery store then at a popular auction spot…my mom had heard they were going to have a few things she was interested in and she wanted to check them out before things got started.  We finally headed to my house, I took the little bug in the house and my mom stayed out to clean the snow and ice off of the front steps.  She came in for a minute and the little bug told her to kindly GET OUT!  Who knows what that was all about so she insisted on kisses and went on her way.

Fast forward several hours later I got a call that baby boy was breach and they were going to have a c-section.  I had wanted to go back to the hospital when things began to progress, but in this case it seemed best to just stay home.  I started dinner and waited to see pics of the new little guy.

My mom called from her bluetooth to let me know how well she did at the auction with the deals she got.  I had actually forgotten that she was going to go.  After talking to her about it all for a few minutes I start hearing “ol’ my god, ol’ my god”, some background noise and then the horn blaring.  I started saying “MOM,MOM”.  With no response.  I disconnected from her and called 911 expressing to them that I had thought my mother was an accident, told them what I knew and what they asked.  Thankfully as soon as I hung up with them my mom rang in from a bi-standers phone and said ” I hit black ice, I rolled the truck, it’s totaled, call 911, I am at such and such location.”  I called 911 back with the additonal information because I did not know before where she was, just where she was headed.

Now let me stop for a minute…do you know how CRAZY it is to know someone has been in an accident and not know what has happen, where they are, if or how bad they are hurt.  Although it may only have been about 2 minutes I cannot express how terrifying it was until I got that phone call from my mom after hearing it all go down on the phone.

Moving on…despite my reservations about the weather and knowing my mom had gotten in an accident because of ice I was leary of leaving, but couldn’t just sit in the house and wait.  I started getting myself and the little bug ready.  I didn’t even get socks on the little bug…which I feel like a real jerk for now because of the huge icy puddles we had to walk through near the scene.  On the way out the door I received a picture of the new little man in our lives…wow is he ever adorable.  I’d share his photo, but I don’t share my own families photos on here, I don’t want to share his without permission…so please insert imagination of beautiful baby boy HERE!

Upon arriving at the accident scene I was greeted with:

Bet you can’t guess what kind of truck that is…the rest of the truck is pretty mangled too…but hard to take photos in darkness and a cell phone.  My mom was sitting in the van of a passerby and waiting for the ambulance, partly crying partly pumped with adrenaline.  She was more worried about the some stuff she had inside, because of it being business related and insisted that they could not tow her truck to the garage that it needed to go to my house.  Unfortunately my driveway is one big hill and not a big turn around when you get up that hill, but if thats what she wanted that is what she was going to get.

The ambulance came and loaded her up.  The cops came and talked to her and then of course they headed for the hospital…did I mention no blood and no bones sticking out of weird places.  THATS GOOD RIGHT!  The cop brought me her registration and insurance card he had been given and told me that the tow truck was on the way.  He said she wanted it taken to my house and I said well can I give you the address and head to the hospital.  Unfortunately he told me if I didn’t wait they would not take it there.  So, I WAITED.  Thankfully a friend of the families was there so I had him to talk to in the mean time.  I called her husband and told him what she wanted and he asked me to have it towed to the friends house because of the nature of where I live.  I made sure that was okay and finally the tow truck arrived.  The family friend talked to him to give him the address but the tow truck driver said I had to pay him cash.  If the insurance company was going to be paying for it then it would have to go to the garage.  It would cost me $150.00 even though it was only going less then 5 miles…grrrr, but that is what I did.  If I wouldn’t have my mother would have been livid.  I paid the man and the tow truck was to follow the friend to his house and I headed to the hospital.  I don’t know how much later it was at this point, but halfway to the hospital I passed the transporting ambulance on it’s way back to the home base.

By this time everybody and his brother knew what had happened and I was taking call after call.  Another aunt and uncle about an hour and a half away had found out and said they were headed to the hospital.  I got there about the same time as them.  I think it was around 10 p.m. but to tell you the truth I’m not sure.  So they did cat scan and x-ray and I think a few other things which all came back good.  Unfortunately you can’t get out of hospitals in a hurry so it was a waiting game.  I was going to wait and take her home.  Thankfully my aunt and uncle said that since I had the little bug and that they it was sort of on their way home, well more on their way home then mine they would take her when she was released.  I left the hospital around midnight, they left with her around one.

Oh I forgot to mention this was all taking place at the same hospital that new baby boy was born at.  New daddy was worried sick for his sister and trying to enjoy the birth of his new son at the same time.  Unfortunately we couldn’t go up and see the baby.  You can only see babies between certain hours for safety reasons.

Around 1 a.m. I got home and by the grace of God the truck made it up the icy driveway and I got it parked to where I wasn’t worried about it sliding down the yard, carried the little bug across the ice-geez is that kid ever HEAVY!  After getting settled in I was too wound up to sleep so still didn’t make it to sleep till about 3.

Today (Thursday) was better, but still a little hectic, but thats another story for another day.  If you have made it the whole way to the bottom of the longest post ever, give yourself a pat on the back.  Goodnight!

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  1. Wednesday, February 4, 2009 4:59 pm

    That’s cute…they always seem to put them in the worst places! Well, at least if something feels “odd”, you won’t be alarmed!

  2. Wednesday, February 4, 2009 5:04 pm

    Oh – that is horrible! Eventful is right. Thankd goodness both your mom, and the baby were okay. Maybe things will calm down a bit now…one can only hope!


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