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Budget Organizing

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I LOVE things to be organized.  I love knowing that everything has it’s place, knowing that when I’m looking for something I will know right where to find it.  There are lots of fun trendy organizing products out there, but how bout the person who doesn’t have the money, the frugal person, the “green” person so on and so forth.  There are lot of things you can get double purpose out of and some great wallet friendly ideas.

**I think my most favorite tip in organizing is LABELS.  It doesn’t matter what kind of container you use or what shelf you put it on…LABELS can definitely help make finding things so much easier.  Labels can also make a plain container or basket a little more personalized.  Find leftover scrapbook paper, ribbon, wrapping paper etc and be creative!

On to the Budget Savers:

  • Glass Jars-Such as the ones you get from spaghetti or pickles any clear glass jar is nice because you can see what is inside.
  • Plastic Containers-Cover them with some pretty scrapbook or wrapping paper stick on a label and you can put anything from buttons to paper clips inside.
  • Cracker Boxes or Cereal Boxes– They have those tabs that help them stay shut…put brochures in them, scrap paper, pens and pencils.  Use them to help protect special Christmas Ornaments.  As files or magazine keepers.
  • Shoe Boxes-The possibilities are endless.  They can be used for photo organizers, again for Christmas Ornaments, Receipts, Scrapbook Supplies.  Toys and their accessories.
  • Tissue Boxes-Are great for getting a handle on grocery bags.
  • Laundry baskets-In the trunk of you car to keep things from rolling every where.  To seperate cold groceries from dry goods.  When you get home you can grab the laundry basket instead of 8 individual bags.  With some sewing skills you can sew a pretty liner and make a toy box out of it.
  • Small Wastebaskets-Can put a new spin on a magazine holder.
  • Cardboard Boxes-Can be used to store just about anything.  Tax files, winter or summer clothes, Christmas Ornaments, DVDS.
  • Scrap Wood-Great for building shelves and creating more storage area.
  • Accordian Files-Great for keeping only the magazine articles you want instead of the whole magazine.  Also great for mail, divide into BILLS, ADVERTISEMENTS, TO MAIL etc. Receipts by month, scrapbook papers and embellishments.
  • Ice Cube Trays-Get handle on loose earrings or rings.  Needles, safety pins, bobbins.  Push pins, paper clips.  The ideas are really endless when it comes to the little things.  These are great to put inside of drawers or stack on shelves.
  • Notebooks and Sheet Protectors-Like to sew?  Put a scrap of material in the sheet protector and the larger material in a seperate container.  Label the scrapbook with Box 1 or whatever is best for you and then you will no where to find what you are looking for.  Also good for articles or pictures.
  • Hooks, Nails or Screws-Put one of these on the wall and hang endless things.  Brooms and Mops usually have that little whole at the top for hanging.  Can be used for pocketbooks, scarves, ties, coats…
  • Tall Trash Cans-Great for keeping a handle on wrapping paper.  Can also be used as a hamper and of course its originally intended purpose.
  • Baby Food Jars-Great for anything little that can get away from you.
  • Old or New Baskets-Baskets are probably my most favorite.  If you don’t want to spend a lot thrift stores and yardsales are usually a great score.  They can be used for small items, big items, papers, toys, random objects, medicines and toilettries.  They are nice for towels and wash clothes.  On the back of the potty for toilet paper.  They are great at the bottom of the steps or at the top to carry things that need to go to the 1st or 2nd floor.  You can use them at parties, throw in a pretty cloth or paper towel and put in chips or crackers.  Under the christmas tree for gifts.  Uniform baskets look pretty lined up on a shelf.  Plastic baskets are great to organize the inside of a freezer or fridge.  The ideas are endless!
  • Paint-I know…this doesn’t exactly fit into the whole organizing thing.  But I read once to take old paint and give the inside of a closet or shelves a fresh coat.  It makes it feels new and fresh and revived.  Just think how your new organizers would look against a fresh bright wall instead of old paneling or dingy dirty paint!

I hope this helps you get started on your organizing plans. If you have money to spare there are so many stores out there with very creative helpful products.


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  1. Wednesday, January 7, 2009 2:28 pm

    so beautiful I could eat it…looks like a super well create suger flower

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