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43 Goals

Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 is officially in full swing.  I wanted to make this New Years post yesterday but the house was busy with children which equals noise and when I sit down to write a blog post I like things to be peaceful and be able to focus on what I am really trying to say.  I’m a peace and quiet kind of girl.

I believe I have mentioned it before and I’m going to mention it again…I don’t like RESOLUTIONS.  Lets be realistic a lot of us fail at the resolutions.  So at first I thought I could re-write my 101 list and make it up to date and more meaningful in some areas.  Then I googled “GOALS” and 43 Things came up.  While I am not going to participate in their site (I have enough site’s I am signed up for) I thought that would be a good basis for my 2009.  So here it is…bare with me if it takes a bit for me to get all 43 filled in.

1. Finish this list and Finish what I start in general.

2. Surrender to the Process.  Mostly in reference to shedding some unwanted L B’s but also wherever it can be warranted and helpful.

3. Spend less time complaining and more time doing.  In other words if I spent as much time doing as I did complaining you know how much I could accomplish!

4. Where my complaints concern people find a better more peaceful approach in dealing with it.  Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter how warranted a complaint may be or how angry you are, it rarely yields a solution…and it definitely doesn’t do anything for the wrinkles in anyones forhead :-p

5. Re-design my blog and have a more defined idea of what I want to put out there.

6. Care more about being frugal.  Maybe I’ll start using some coupons?  Anything is a start right!

7. Remodel some area of our house.  Last year (haha, feels weird saying LAST YEAR) we remodeled the kitchen.  It looks great and it was such a wonderful feeling and had a great sense of accomplishment.  It’s so easy to spend money on “things” and have them go by the wayside and wonder where did my money go.  But the kitchen is something that I have been able to look at and admire the fact that we saved the money to do that…that it was indeed an accomplishment!

8. Make a dedicated effort to save money.

9. Take a vacation or vacations. Tee Hee.

10. Return to church.  I’m a spiritual person.  I believe in God.  I pray, I pray and fully believe in the things I pray about and who I am praying those words too and I think that returning to church would truly be a blessing in my life.

11. Make blog posts about my 43 progress.

12. Write a morning routine.  And actually put it into motion.

13. Write an evening routine.  And again actually put it in motion.

14. Organize our home.

15. As a part of organizing our home simplify our life.  It’s so easy to hold on to things or keep things we use once every 2 years.  Lets face it being organized and have things simplified will aid in the housekeeping process.

16. Get the little bug to use the potty on a full-time basis.  (Although I realize this goal may or may not include POOP)

17. Try new recipes and organize the recipes that I like.

18. Get a Passport.

19. Let go of the 2 things that REALLY bother me.

20. Become healthier…and if that just so happens to lead to me dropping some pounds that would be great!

21. Love me for me.  I spend a lot of time being critical about every aspect of myself.

22. Experience new things, things that I may be typically unlikely to do.

23. Worry-less about what other people think because you know it really doesn’t matter.

24. Pamper Missions-You can call it anything you want, I got the word from the FlyLady.  But I need to spend more time pampering myself…Even though I know I need to and I want to I lose track of time or something comes up or whatever.  I want to spend time trying all the beauty products you see on tv just for the heck of it.  Taking and hour long shower for no reason at all.  YA KNOW!

I will be back later.  For one I really need to get to house cleaning and two I really truly want this list to have meaning to me not just random things I can think of  TO DO.

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