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Thursday Thirteen-Christmas Inspired

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Totally shoplifting this off PinkStinx!

1. Do you use wrapping paper or gift bags?
If it is something totally ackward I will use a bag, but I LOVE using wrapping paper and making sure all the gifts are coordinating…and I think all packages should come in perfectly square boxes…it’s like OCD lol.
2. Real tree or Artificial?
Artificial…lets face it, it’s quick, easy, mess-less and majorly helps reduce the fire hazards.
3. When do you put up the tree?
I like to put it up on the afternoon of Thanksgiving but this year I was in Florida.
4. When do you take the tree down?
Depends on my mood.
5. Favorite Christmas gift you ever received?
I like a lot of things that I have gotten, I use to have gold colored bands on my wedding rings, but my husband got them changed to platinum.  One year I got a kitchen-aide mixer…the list goes on.
6. Worst Christmas gift you ever received?
Gifts without thought.  I don’t care if it’s cheap or cheesy as long as you had a good reason for buying it, not just picked it out because it was there.
7. Favorite Christmas Movie?
White Christmas with Bing Crosby-Tammy stinker butt totally stole what my answer would be 🙂
8. When do you start shopping for Christmas?
Anywhere from months to days before.
9. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas?
Nothing specific, I just like that I get to eat it with family members I may not get to during the rest of the year.
10. Are your Christmas lights clear or colored?
Clear or white, whatever you prefer to call them.
11. Favorite Christmas song?
I think Jeff Foxworthys 12 days a christmas is pretty funny and Adam Sandlers Hanakkuh song, but ya know just any song that spreads the warm feeling of the season.
12. Angel on the tree top or a star?
A cute little tiny angel I got a few years ago.
13. Open the presents Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
Always Christmas Eve, probably because anticipation kills me.

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  1. Thursday, December 4, 2008 7:02 am

    The 2nd one…I so agree! Artificial all the way! I’ve used one for over 30 years. It also saves forest land [if they cut ’em from the forest] and helps by not chopping the trees down that thrive on carbon monoxide which is a pollution to the air…we NEED the trees.

    My 13 is posted…it’s all Olde English today. Stop by, won’t you?

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