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My “Fat Friend” Lost Weight

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My “fat friend” now weights less then I do!  Okay so I know that sounds really cruel, but really it isn’t.  Up until the point where I got pregnant and then became a SAHM I was a lovely size 2.  My dear “fat friend” was always heavier then I was…sometimes a little heavier, sometimes a lot…but it was just always just a silly joke between us.  I would consider my FF one of my best friends and vice versa…unfortunately we don’t see each other very often.  We want to for whatever reason our life just travels in different directions.  Today I got a text message from her.  She lost weight…she is halfway to her goal weight, I am so proud of her!  But do you know what that makes me, I am now the FAT FRIEND, I weigh more then she does.  Woo, thats a hard one to swallow.

There are many things that have lead me to this point, but none the less I’m here, fat and only slightly sassy.  That is one of those things that really just like hits you in the forehead and you spend the rest of the night examining your life.  Somewhere in there I was reading some other blogs and read a post a woman made about Perception and her life.  Thats another one of those things that once the topic is brought up you can’t help but think about it and look at your life from the outside in.

In a nut shell, I’m not making the most of this life.  I owe myself and my family so much more, it’s so easy to think that and say that you want to do something about it…but actually putting those words into action is a different ballpark.  So at the risk of sounding typical I’m going to say it anyway “I WANT TO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!”  I am not going to stand up on a soapbox and talk about all the changes I am going to implement and how great it’s going to be, from experience you let yourself down when the adrenaline rush wears off.  Instead of telling you about some amazing plan I have, telling you I’m going on a carrot and water diet that I’m only going to shop for sale items, that I will smile even when I’m mad…I am going to spare you and me.  If and when I accomplish something I will take a moment to hop on here and toot my own horn.  Hopefully once in awhile you will check back to see how it is going and with any luck the horn will have been tooted.

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  1. Friday, October 17, 2008 10:38 pm

    What ever you do, don’t feel alone! Every single day I stare at my treadmill and keep walking right on by. It is easy to say “Today I’m not eating any junk food” or “Tomorrow morning I’ll wake up and get right on that treadmill” and then…it’s just as easy to not do any of those things.

    I’m with you sister! It’s hard to make changes but I do know at some point it will just click in your brain (and hopefully mine too) and you’ll find yourself…finding yourself. The real you. The thin you. The energetic you.

    I read a book recently called Skinny Bit**es…it’s a little crude, lots of foul language…but straight forward, no holes barred, telling it like it is advice that really motivates a person to eat healthy and get off the yo-yo dieting roller coaster.

    Take a look for it at the library…it’s so good you’ll have it read in one day.

    Keep your chin up and your head high…I’ll check back frequently to hear that horn tooting!

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