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Thursday Thirteen-Adventures in Baby Shower Planning

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lately my mind has been over taken with baby shower planning.  My Aunt and Uncle are having a baby boy in February and I am in charge of the shower.  I am so excited, but totally overwhelmed with all the ideas and products out there.  Any who my Thursday Thirteen is a list of things you may need to do, you may need to consider and or suggestions.

1.  A theme.  There are so many themes out there.  Choo choo trains, winnie the pooh, mod mommy, pea in a pod, you name it and you have time to search somebody probably has it.

2.  Guest List.  Obviously you need one of these if you want anyone to come.  But it will also help you when you are deciding how much of what to buy.

3.  Invitations.  Pretty self explanatory.  Some people do worry about when the best time to mail them out, when is to early

4.  Games/Activites.  With a little help from google there is absolutely no shortage of ideas out there.  Some of my personal favorite.  Decorating onesies.  Each guest gets a plain onesie and with fabric markers, fabric paint etc and they get to put there own special touch on it for baby to be.  Advice cards, each guest can share a little wisdom.  Guess that baby food, crosswords, word searchs…

5.  Location.  Where are you going to throw the shower?  Is that place large enough for all of the guests.  If you are renting a place you need to give yourself plenty of time to find a place and get it booked.

6.  Favors.  Do you want your guest to have a little special gift to go home with them?

7.  Cake.  How big, what flavor, what colors, what design?

8.  Surprise or no surprise.  If this is going to be a surprise you need to think of a creative way to get mother to be there.

9.  Food.  How much, how little, meal, or finger foods?

10.Date.  What is the best day to pull this all together.  Typically before the baby is born and on a weekend.

11.Decor.  Balloons, Streamers, Centerpieces, Table Clothes…the list can go on.

12.Pictures.  Is someone going to take them?

13.Oh and don’t forget to breath because this can really take over!

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