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Monday, September 22, 2008

With my husband traveling so much I tend to make more simple meals, so that is why there is nothing extremely exciting on my menu.  So below you will find my menu plan for the week and at the bottom in honor of family favorites I am going to include a Chicken Corn Soup Recipe for two and just enough leftover to send lunch for your honey.  Oh and before you leave don’t forget to check out the Frog Pod and my 101 Things tab!

MONDAY:  Meatloaf, Baked Potatoes, Green Beans (organic)

TUESDAY:  Mac n Cheese (organic)

WEDNESDAY:  Leftovers

THURSDAY:  Pancakes and hopefully bacon (partially organic)

FRIDAY:  Frozen Ravioli for some reason this is a meal I really like so if you see it on a weekly basis that is why.  (organic)

Saturdays and Sundays I usually don’t plan out because we end up eating out or at my moms…or whatever.


Hard Boil One Egg peal and chop into pieces (not to the point of egg salad lol)

2 medium to large potatoes cut into cubes

Approx 3 cups of water (I would say use your best as to your broth preferences)

1 cup chicken chopped (more or less can be used to meet your preference as well) I like to cook this ahead of time.

1 can shoe peg corn

about 7 cubes of chicken boullion (this also can go more or less depending on your preference)

carrots and onion optional

Combine in a pot cook until potatoes are tender and serve.

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