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Thursday, September 11, 2008

It is often so easy to get wrapped up in all the daily pffffffttttts, the moments where you want to scream and lay on the floor kicking your legs like an unhappy child.  It is easy to let the good in your life get over shadowed by the bad.  I admire people who are eternally optimistic…who bravely wear a smile in good times and bad.  I try to be optimistic, but I will be the first to admit in my mind I go through the list of all the rotten things first.  Even if it is for just the few moments that I am writing this I am going to be optimistic and tell you what I am THANKFUL for…

1.  God-That he is always there to hear my prayers, he listens when no one else will and even though sometimes it feels like he isn’t going to get me out of the rutt I’m in HE DOES.  It’s easy to miss sometimes, but the blessing is there.

2.  Family-I could go on and on about different members in my family and what they bring to my life, for today I am just going to stick to two of them.  My husband although he drives me absolutely buggy sometimes is hard to live with and hard to live without.  Underneath that bad boy I know theres a good guy.  My daughter is like the sunshine that lights the day, so very very precious.  I’m thankful for all she gives to me and brings into my life.  I hope I can make her as proud of me as I am of her.  These two have my heart.

3.  The house I like to call home.

4.  Heat in the winter and air in the summer

5.  My gas friendly car.

6.  Being able to pay the bills.

7.  Health.

8.  The ability to speak and be heard.

9.  Intuition

10.  Retail therapy trips.

11.  Vacation

12.  Friends-This one really should have been way at the top, but wanted to take a break from the paragraphs.  I think there are 3 different kinds of friends.  Acquaintances, people you talk too, and bff’s you love and trust.  I like all 3 kinds of friends.  It’s always fun to run into an old acquaintance.  Nice to just chit chat with people and definitely a joy to sit back and be a brat with your bff.

There is a huge list of things I am thankful for right down to the sheets on the bed, but I think you get the idea.

Sometimes we really just need to let go of the things that anger us.  And if we can’t let go of them we need to put them in a better perspective.  I heard once that 85% of what we worry about never even happens…YA KNOW HOW MUCH TIME IM WASTING!!!  Take a moment and join me in being thankful it may just relieve some of that stress you have on.  I know I feel a little better now and hopefully I can finally go get some sleep!  Toodles!

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