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Things of Interest Thursday #2

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Things That Interest Me Thursday is just a list of things that I find interesting or are of interest to me and I want to know more about.  Maybe you will find something you will want to know more about too.

1.  Sweet Surprise–This is from a commercial I keep seeing about “high fructose corn syrup” and how in moderation it isn’t bad for you.  That it comes from corn.  I think it is kind of interesting…check out the website and see for yourself.

2.  Mojave Experiment–  Well we have all heard the gripes about VISTA and seen the mac vs. pc commercials.  Well I guess in an attempt to stand up for their product Vista went “undercover” as MOJAVE.  Want to know what happened and what people though go check it out!  My personal opinion, there are some things that I really like and some things not so much.  I got a new laptop this year and I don’t know if it is the laptop itself or Vista but I do run into some problems a long the way.  My biggest being loading new programs, I have to go into the program and run them as administrator under XP settings…that gets aggitating and still not always a fix.

3.  Organizing-I love to organize, I love knowing that each and everything has it’s place…unfortunately those things don’t always make it too those places.  OOPS!  To help me have places for everything containers and labels are a definitely two of my favorite things.  I like the flylady even though I don’t follow her direction like I should.  I like the little organizing before and afters in magazines…this is very inspiring to me, because it gets me excited to get on track!

4.  Weight Loss-I think a lot us are interested in this topic, I have no miracle website or a miracle cure.  I think what can benefit us most of all is good old fashioned will power and being responsible with our food choices.  It’s okay to eat what we love, we just need to do it in moderation and if what we love isn’t good for us we need to pair it with good choices.  Actually I do have a website although I doubt it is a miracle.  My Pyramid.

5.  Do you have a blog or website that you think may be just what I need for Things of Interest Thursday?  Let me know and if I think you really do have something INTERESTING going on I will give you a shout out next Thursday!

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